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A unique piece of God’s puzzle

By October 8th, 2012Uncategorized7 min read

been quite excited about how quickly the gospel of the excellent mindset has
spread since my last post. The response has been overwhelming! For me
personally, this continues to be an unfolding discovery of elements of my being
that I always knew were there, but perhaps never gave focused attention to. I
have maintained my confession of excellence and found that despite the
challenges of the past few weeks, I have stayed in the place of immense peace
simply by holding on to this mindset. My prayer is that your confession of an
excellent spirit has not been dimmed over time and never will be, so that the
peace of God will continually overtake your very being in Jesus name, Amen.

I am currently
reading the book ‘Life Overflowing’ by Bishop T.D. Jakes, my spiritual father. It’s
a ‘must-read’ so please go get a copy. There are a few passages within that I
want to share with you today because the words reinforce the need for us to accept
our position of excellence regardless of how everything else around us is
playing out. I quote:

‘We are chosen by God to be His precious
children. We are wanted and valued by the Almighty King of the entire universe.
God also chose you to be His child and to be part of the body of Christ on the
earth at precisely this time and in precisely the location where you find
yourself. God does not randomly snatch some piece of wood that has fallen down
through a crack in the wall and say “oh, all right, I’ll go ahead and add this
to the house”. No! With great
determination, deliberation and design
God has said, “I want you. I’m going
to use you for this particular job. I want your specific personality and your
unique set of talents in this precise position at this significant time”.

The Lord has crafted you and
formed you and shaped you. He has molded you and made you. He knows your
strengths, your weaknesses, and your character, and He has caused you to be a
perfect fit and a perfect tool for a very precise and important role in His
plan. You have been chosen just as the cedars of Lebanon were selected one by
one, for the building of Solomon’s temple.

…..What good news! No matter
what might be right or wrong with us, or what we might like or dislike about
ourselves, we must be alright with God because He has chosen us for His work. He
is going to use us for the fulfillment of His plan. He is going to apply our
unique personalities and abilities to a particular time and place in history.”

And this
for me is the crunch of it all my sister:
to think about this any time you feel tempted to start trying to be like
another person. If you give up being who
you are in order to become like somebody else, you are going to be duplicating
a piece in the puzzle that God already has! God needs you to be you!
He made
you in a precise way for a precise purpose, and only you will do.”

Wow! How
true is this? Have you ever really thought about life in this context? God is
omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient. He knows the end from the beginning. He
is the source of all things and in Him do all things consist. He is eternity
past, present and future. He laid the foundations of the world. It’s allHis perfect
plan, His will, His divine purpose. Nothing is a surprise to Him. He sees all
and He knows all. Indeed, God is the one who created the eternal jigsaw puzzle.
He sees the whole picture at a glance; every detail is etched into His memory. He
knows each and every single piece intimately. He doesn’t have to stare at the
pieces endlessly, trying to figure what goes where. He sees! He knows! He is
the author! He is the finisher!

The uniqueness
of you comes from this picture. When God formed you and I, He knew exactly what
part of the jigsaw He wanted us in. Our unique shapes (our mindsets, our
talents, our family, our looks, etc) are specifically designed to suit that
special place. In the natural, all we need to do to ruin a puzzle is to try to
force a piece into the wrong space. Even if  in turning the shape over it appears to fit,
what would be seen in that space would be a plain cardboard piece. The real
beauty and picture that was the intent of the creator would be hidden on the
other side.

I am a
unique piece of God’s puzzle sis, as are you. How awesome is that I ask again? The
Lord spoke something to me recently. He said “You are all I need you to be when you are in the place of worship!” What
I have understood by this is that as long as my hearts cry is to worship God;
as long as my every desire is to live for His glory; as long as I am willing to
overlook my imperfections and just daily strive to know, love and serve Him
more; then all I am right now is all I ever need to try to be!

uniquely me sis! And you are uniquely you! Called forth for the singular
purpose of showing forth the glory of God! Chosen to fill a spectacular portion
of the puzzle that only you or I can fill! Excellent just as I am; just as you
are! Oh yes, an excellent work-in-progress.
Our lives
should not be about who has more money, position or power than we think we have;
who has the looks we don’t believe we have; who knows more of the people we think
we should know; who has the gifts we would have wanted to have; who appears to
be getting the kind of recognition we think we should be getting; who appears
to have achieved more than we think we have; and so on.

No sis!
Our lives are simply about recognizing the Sovereign Lord designed us uniquely
for His purpose and to show forth His glory. Daily our hearts cry should be, “Lord how can I worship You today?” As we
stay in this place of our being, the excellence of our uniqueness will grow
brighter daily, conforming us more and more to the image of Him who chose us,
Who set us apart….. for His glory.

You are a critical component of the Lord’s puzzle so enjoy
your uniqueness sis! From where I’m standing, it looks preeeetttyyy good on you!

Be blessed…..
for you surely are!


  • Salt says:

    So on point as usual Audrey

    There is only one of you. And if you leave that thing God created you to do, not only do you deprive the world around you of that thing BUT more importantly you rob God of the pleasure of seeing his plan fulfilled in your life and you cheat yourself out of becoming ALL that God made you for.

    I also love the parts where you talk about us being unique and useful to God regardless of where we are coming from, have done, said, thought, etc. True those things that are not in line with his will hurt and grieve him but he is never taken unawares by them. This is the part that blows my mind sometimes. Nothing I have done caught him of guard. Nothing I will do, will ever catch him off guard. We cannot suprise God. We can never disappoint him either.

    True, we may fall but as long as we get back up truly leaving our wretched pasts and baggage behind, he can still have his way in our lives. He can and will do ALL that he wants to do in and through and for us. God allows u-turns. Unique ones.

    Bless you for always blogging so sincerely and deeply.

  • Wow what a word of conformation and inspiration, you have no clue but this word is what God has been whispering in my ear. Be me and know that I am a unique creation sent him by him for his purpose and plan. And to top it off you used my very view of God which is too much to type here but those puzzle pieces mean more to me then one will ever know. I have a charm bracelet and one of the first charms I put on bracelet which forms the center of the bracelet is a puzzle piece it's actually the latest charm I have as well and it has the scripture "Job 23:10" engraved on the back. I tell you this was my word and it's living word for what I shall do and how I shall continue to walk. I am and important and unique part of the puzzle I could go on boy you have no clue what seeing those puzzle pieces mean to me and reading that word but i will stop here.
    May God return into you one hundred fold what you have put out. Thank you for entering into his presents to bring forth this word.
    Thank you

  • Now this was right down my personal road of what God has been speaking to me, and to top it off you have no ideal but you used my very picture of God and how we all fit. I can't even began to express those puzzle pieces and the words concerning the puzzle oh my oh my you have no clue. One of my fist three charms on my charm bracelet is a Puzzle piece with my Fav scripture Job 23:10. Wow I'm so amazed God is a great God this was a great word boy and the whole puzzle thing I wish I could share it all here.
    Thank you for the word, may God return unto you a hundred fold what you have given out by stepping into his presents to write this powerful word.

  • Love it. Such an encouragement to us as women to be exactly who God created us to be. We are fearfully and wonderfully made. Let's go all out and excel. Changing the world, one woman at a time!

  • I stumbled on this post today, and boy, I am glad I did. I have been meditating for the past few days on the message by Bishop T D Jakes: "Chosen by God" as I prepare to write my blog for today. Only to find your article after drafting the blog post. It is a resounding confirmation of the Word that the Holy Spirit has been whispering into my heart. What great joy and confidence it gives to know that I am created specifically for unique only me can fulfil purpose. And all the experiences God has been taking me through are preparing and shaping me for this unique role. You are such a blessing to all God is using you to reach in a unique way. God bless richly.

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