Falcon Corporation Limited at 28

Today, I am grateful to God for the 28th anniversary of my company Falcon Corporation Limited. I am humbled by how God has taken what was a little seed of a dream that He gave me as a teenager and amplified it into the amazing business that it is today. It is a day to bless God for territories He has helped us take in the gas industry, by His grace.

A day to celebrate the highs and the lows of the journey, and the muscles we have built along the way. A day to celebrate lives that have been touched through Falcon – People we’ve hired, communities we’ve impacted, families that have been blessed because of the work that we do.

A day to acknowledge the impact we’ve been opportune to make on the Nigerian economy in terms of industrialization, infrastructure development, contribution to the GDP, employment generation.

We are alive and going strong in an environment where most businesses do not go past the first 5 years.

Today is a day that I am grateful for the new projects that we are running and how God is going to use those to help us make greater tangible positive impact on the economy and the people of Nigeria and Africa, and to showcase His glory at a higher level as His marketplace ambassadors.

This year though, I am grateful for one more thing. My people designed a flyer, acknowledging and celebrating my 28 years of leadership.

Funny enough, this is the first time I’ve ever sat back to think that as I celebrate my son, and as I celebrate my business on the 4th of June every year, that there is also a place to celebrate myself and the expressions of God’s enablement and glory in and through me.

So today and with every sense of humility, I celebrate God and I am grateful to Him for me. I am grateful for how He has held my hand. Grateful for how He has processed me into the leader that I am today.

Today I celebrate how God has taken a Microbiologist and turned her into an Energy expert, Gas advocate, a respected and trusted voice in the Gas industry and indeed on the landscape of business within and outside of Nigeria.
I say thank You today, Lord Jesus.

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