100 Outstanding Female Executives in Africa Oil & Gas Industry

The best part of my recognitions and awards over the years has been that they are unsolicited.

It means that my passion and purpose are intersecting in the place of tangible positive impact in my local and global industry, as well as in the lives of those I serve by the work I do in and out of the industry.

I’m grateful and always humbled. Thank you Africa Shapers

Most importantly, I am always minded to lay every award and accolade at the feet of God, giving ALL the glory and honor to Him…. reminding myself daily that I am what I am, I have what I have, I do what I do ONLY by the power and enablement of the Father, the wisdom and counsel of the Holy Spirit, and the love of Jesus Christ His son Who counted me worthy.

I celebrate every one of the industry Amazons across Africa who are listed alongside me.

And I acknowledge the countless other women in the energy sector- those who own the businesses and those who partner to drive the businesses. We are all part of the win of every woman.

I honor you all.

#AJE #AudreyJoeEzigbo

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