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Are you ready?

By December 26th, 2013Uncategorized12 min read
that time of year again so ‘Merry Christmas’ to you, sis. It is my prayer that
this has been for you a time of fun, love, and laughter. More than this and the
attendant food, gifts and parties though, I pray that this has been a time for
you of sober reflection at the awesomeness of the love that God has for you and
I, so much so that He gave us Jesus Christ Who is the reason for this season.

experiences which I would like to share with you today, with a hope and a
prayer that when the Holy Spirit brings the message together in the end, you
will be blessed and impacted for His glory.

is that I found myself sitting in a hospital room a couple of weeks ago,
waiting on the results of my test. They had a really large and beautiful clock
in the waiting room, one of those nice silent one’s that don’t grate on your
nerves with their loud ticking sounds. I found myself staring in fascination as
the second-hand moved continuously round the face of the clock in a smooth, seamless
fashion. For some reason, it struck me very strongly that life was and is
passing us by; that time really waits for no man; that we can never get back a
single second that has passed; that we only have so much time to complete our
earthly assignments; and that we really have no idea when our clocks will stop
ticking and we will be called to face the Lord. Simple enough truths yes, but
more real than ever in that hospital room for some reason which I only now

one of my Sista-Sista’s recently decided to have a praise night to mark her
birthday and to honor the Lord for a great testimony of healing that He
bestowed on her. It was an awesome outing to say the least! We left with hearts
uplifted and spirits filled with the completeness that is only possible in that
place of worship. We were still basking in the glow on Christmas Eve a couple
of days later, when we got the message that her brother-in-law died rather
suddenly that morning. We immediately reached out, standing as a support to our
Sista and her family at this time. What did I know?  How could I have imagined that even as I stood
with and tried to encourage my Sista, that I would myself be hit the very next
day? It was Christmas morning and there I was, reaching out to all the members of my family. I had picked up
my phone to call my eldest sister, when I saw that there was an incoming call
from my younger sister whom I had spoken to earlier. My heart skipped a beat at
the hushed tone with which she again said hello. Then she shared the news. My own
brother-in-law, a dear man who I saw just recently, passed on this Christmas
morning! I found myself making the call I was set to make a few minutes
earlier, but instead of a hearty ‘Merry Christmas’, I found myself saying ‘Sorry’,
‘God is your strength’, ‘It is well with you’  and other such expressions of comfort, over
and over again. Hmmm!

I had a sense as I sat down to write this post this morning, that I should
re-read my post in December of 2012 (“Two Sides, Same Coin’). I had shared how
a young child had drowned in the pool at what was to have been a children’s
Christmas party. It was quite devastating! As I struggled with the trauma I knew the child’s mother and family, and indeed countless others who experienced loss
in that season would have been going through, I had shared the things the Holy
Spirit had spoken to you and I out
of this experience.

found myself sitting back at my desk this morning, thinking about the things
the Lord ministered to me to share with you. I must admit that I struggled with being obedient to
the Spirit’s prodding to start typing, as I tried to understand if I am to
become a carrier of messages of doom and gloom in a season where most people
want simply to have fun and enjoy the holidays as best they can. I actually
found myself trying to think up some nice sweet and fun message I could share. I
thought for instance about the fact that as a family, we had agreed that our
Christmas day was going to be a stay-home-and-do-absolutely-nothing day, and we
did just that. We spent almost four hours at the table at lunchtime – eating
way too much, yes; but more so praying, talking, laughing, sharing experiences and
insights, and absolutely loving on each other as a family, for hours on end. I thought
how I could have written some really entertaining stories and shared some great
anecdotes from our time together at the table yesterday. Alas, the Lord has not
called me to be ‘cute/smart/funny’ sis, especially not today. No sis, He has deeper things in store
for us this morning, so please read and listen with the eyes and ears of your

Lord put these three and very separate events together for you and I, in the
form of a question – ‘Are you ready?’

God spoke to my heart is that the hands of the clock are ticking fast, and that
they truly can never be reversed. He said however, that for many of us, our
focus on the passage of time is more on the things we wish/expect to
be/do/achieve within certain defined time frames of our lives, and the Christmas
season – heralding the end of another calendar year, is the period when we most
miss the reality of what our time here on earth is really about. He said that most
of us are too focused on the pursuit of ‘purpose’ as defined by tangible and
intangible earthly attainments – the degrees, the husbands and/or children, the
jobs/businesses, the recognition’s, the health, the financial status, the
gifts/talents/abilities that draw accolades from our fellow men, the membership
of/position on the committees/boards/choirs, the number of mentions we have on Google
and other social media sites that give us a sense of relevance in the scheme of
things, etc.

Lord showed me that the only true measure we are to be focused on, is that last
second… that moment when – concerning our walk on this side of eternity, He
says ‘It’s over child. Come!’

has and continues to try to show us that we really have no idea when He has appointed
for this time to be – it could be a Christmas eve, a Christmas day, the day
after Christmas, or any of the other 362 days in our human calendar year. Sis,
our focus needs to always be that the passage of time is daily bringing us
closer to our Father in heaven, and if this is so, we will be fixated on living
in a way that is pleasing to Him, on growing in the knowledge of His Word, on
ensuring that nothing stands in the way of our having a close and loving
relationship with Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. The Lord showed me how
easily we ‘forget’ in the times of our festivities, and when everything seems
to be going well around us. Not that we completely lose sight of God ….indeed many
of us continue to ascribe glory to Him for every good thing we have or are
privileged to experience. Many a time though, it is an acknowledgement that is
only slightly below the surface and does not go as deep as He deserves – if truth be told.

about it sis – which ‘holding on to God’ period is a more intense experience for you and I? Is
it our good times or our times of trouble? Truth is that at a time like this, too
many of us place the greater emphasis on the ‘experience’ of Christmas, than on
the Christ that is Christmas personified. Too many of us anchor our lives and
times to things that are transient, only beginning to give our eternity the weight
it deserves in our daily focus/thinking/being when we find ourselves pressed on
one side or the other. Think on your Christmas, sis. Beyond the festivities,
did you allow yourself acknowledge that it could have been your very last day
here on earth? If the Lord called you as He did my brother-in-law, would you
have been ready? You know already that these are questions the Holy Spirit
asked of me too, right sis? Food for thought and a strong call to turn, to
return, to press in ….to Jesus Christ!

Christmas! It’s about Christ! Where are you in Christ, sis? if you have not
yet confessed Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, I urge you to get on your
knees and do so immediately. 
No fancy words are required, sis. All you need is
this prayer:

 ‘Jesus, I believe You are the Son of God. I believe that You came
into the world, were crucified and died on the cross for me. Lord, I ask You to
forgive me of every sin of my past. Lord Jesus come into my heart right now. I
make You my Lord and Savior. Lord, I give you my life. Take away my heart of stone and give me a new
heart – a heart of worship, Lord. Today, I renounce evil in every form. I break
every covenant with sin and darkness. Write my name in the Book of Life, Lord. I
declare that only You will I serve all the days of my life Lord Jesus. Teach me
by Yourself, Lord. Help me to grow in You. Send godly helpers to guide me in my
growth as a Christian Lord. Order my steps according to Your will and way for
my life. Thank You Lord Jesus Christ for saving me. I am born again. Halleluyah!’

you already have this relationship with Jesus sis, then today the Lord is calling you
and I to come up higher. No more milk sis! It is time to redefine the walk that
we think we have we God so far. Sis, until you and I come to that place where our
every breath is a prayer for the Lord to help us, to order our steps, and to
keep us steadfast until the very end, then there is spiritual work to do, and we
have to take it by force. You can’t get back the time you have spent reading
this post, but if you started reading with the conviction that you would
receive a word in due season from the Lord, then this time has been about
Christ and you are blessed for it. Sis, we have to make Christ part and parcel …
no, scratch that. We have to make Jesus Christ the very foundation and complete
essence of every second of our daily lives. In living for Him, with Him and in
Him, we will discover and fulfill this ‘purpose’ thing that we are constantly
running around for, but more than this we will always be at ‘ready’ whenever He
calls – be it at Christmas or any other time of year.

set your Christmas clock today as a firm recommitment to make every day
Christmas, to make every second of every day henceforth about Christ and His
birth, life, crucifixion, death, and resurrection. Set your spiritual clocks on
the ‘Counting-down-to-meeting-my-Lord’ mode, sis. This is what the Lord is
asking of you and I today. In this place of spiritual clarity, everything we
think/do/say will be a build-up to our readiness for the Lord’s call. In this
place, we will live more fulfilled and uplifting lives; we will touch heaven
and bring down blessings on the lives of everyone around us – not just at
Christmas time, but each and every day that the Lord grants to us by His grace
and in His mercies. Your clock is ticking sis… please make sure it is ticking in
‘ready’ for the Lord mode.

I once again wish you a Merry Christmas, my true message is that Christ looks
really good on you and I, sis. Let’s wear him well okay. We must be ready on
our last day, sis….anything else would be too sad to contemplate The Lord will
help you sis, even as He is surely helping me.

blessed sis…. for you surely are!

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