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At ease in Egypt?

By January 31st, 2012Uncategorized8 min read

I love life. I absolutely do. In all its up’s and downs,
life remains what it best is… a teacher. Life throws you a myriad of
experiences, sometimes complex, sometimes painful, and sometimes so simple that
you almost, or entirely miss it. Like any teacher though, life leaves it to you
to do the learning. It’s an individual choice to pass through, or to go
through. Passing through leaves you constantly befuddled; a silent ‘Huh?’ always at the back of your mind.
Going through, as I see it, leaves you in a constant frame of ‘Oh wow! so that’s what this was trying to
teach me
.’ Bottom-line, going through life is about adopting a positive
attitude, a mental acceptance and an innate knowing in your spirit that you
have a God who is constantly watching over you and Who has promised that all
things will work together for your good. My personal mantra is that ‘His goodness and mercy shall follow me and mine all
the days of our lives’
. I believe this to my core and so this has continued
to hold true for me. Don’t I have issues, challenges, problems? Sure sis! By
whatever name they are called, I have got my fair share. But I have chosen to
be intentional
about retaining my place of peace and my conviction that my life is
working out for good. As a man thinketh in his heart so is he, right? I choose
to think in my heart (believe with every fibre of my being) that I am blessed,
I am prosperous, I am healthy, I am wealthy, I am wise, I am a blessing, I am a
joy to generations, etc, etc, etc! I choose to believe it…..therefore I am
walking and will continually walk in it IJMN.
Am I wrong to make such bold statements? Nope! The One who
said He created me fearfully and wonderfully taught me how to make boast….not
in myself, but in Him:  my Father – the one who created the heavens
and the earth; the One Whose very essence causes the hills to tremble; the One
for Whom nothing is impossible; the One Who says He called me to show forth His
glory. Yes o! Today, I borrow a phrase from my sista and friend DNW (Desperate
Naija Woman aka Bola Essien-Nelson)
and’ I brag on God’ because in my
life, He has continued to show that He is worthy to make boast about.
Methinks if you haven’t bragged enough on God recently,
today is as good a day as any to take stock and just cause the goodness of God
in your life to be noised about. He is just awesome isn’t He?
I was thinking about a hilarious conversation between my
ladies and me in SA recently. One of us was complaining about the hair-piece
she had on and asking if I would help her flat-iron it. Coach Anna laughed and
said how back in America, Afro-American sisters were busy trying to keep their
natural as a sign of ‘going-back-to-their-roots’. She said how she had also
gone natural at some point, which was quite a struggle for her. On her last
trip to Nigeria however, she noticed that practically every woman had on weaves,
perms, braids, or at best very low cuts. She had said to her ladies back in
America that they were climbing up the wrong ladder:  ‘Aint no
Nigerian sisters walking around with no afro’s
’ . She said something to the
effect of ‘I’m outta here. Yes! I’m going
back to Egypt
’. Then she really got into the swing of it: ‘In Egypt, we had relaxer. In Egypt, we could
comb our hair easily. In Egypt….
’ .  We were tripping, I assure you. Absolutely
rib-cracking! But that’s our Coach. She’s just crazy like that and we love her
to bits.
As I recalled this episode however, I thought…. in my own
life, what is the ‘Egypt’ that I keep going back to? I can already hear my WAN
(Woman Act Now, Nigeria) girls Nneka Nwobi, Enife Atobiloye, Inyang
Sami-Orungbe, Bidemi Mark-Mordi and Ini Onuk screaming ‘Cheesecake’ and sistas, you are so right, Ha! What are my Egypt’s?
How easy it would be to focus on the physical Egypt’s in my life – the
cheesecake; the chocolate; the cookies-n-cream icecream; the hot peppered jollof-rice
with stewed beef, slurrrppp!!!  Errr….
where was I ?
Ah! Oh yes! I remember…..  
What I think is the more difficult part, is agreeing with
yourself what your intangible ‘Egypt’ is/are. Is it that place of pride which
you constantly struggle to keep under some public cloak of feigned humility? Or
is it an unbridled open pride that even you have come to be at ease with? Is it
that place of faithlessness that you and you alone know that you constantly
stay in, even while openly making the right sounds and speaking the right kinds
of  ‘christianese’
to convince those around you that you are strong in faith? Is it that inner
space where the green-eyed monster constantly rears his head; where envy and
covetousness abide; where you constantly find yourself benchmarking God’s
blessings or gifting on someone else against yours?
Is your Egypt a root of bitterness that has gone deep and continues
to spread? Outwardly, you say you are over it, but in your private space you
allow it to dwell and you wallow in it? Is your Egypt a relationship that you
know is not good for you but in your lonely moments, you quietly slink back
into? Is your Egypt an unspoken, yet constant feeling of inferiority; a refusal
to accept God’s Word that you are special in his eyes and that He has a great
plan for your life? I could go on but I think you get my drift.  Is your Egypt a lustful spirit; a quiet battle
against pornography or other fleshly excesses that are at variance with your
outward mien of holiness?
It’s true yes that God sometimes puts us in an Egypt situation
so that His purposes can play out in our lives. Again, it’s in our hands to
decide to ‘go through’ our Egypt and know that there is a learning; a preparation
for something greater ahead. We are not designed to dwell in Egypt, but to take
from it what we need to fulfil purpose. Once God asks us to move, we need to question
why we sometimes do not budge at all; or why, when we do, we keep going back?
I’m asking myself as I pray you do too: ‘Am I at ease in (my) Egypt?’  That’s the funniest part isn’t it? The
answer is always and unequivocally ‘No!’
so why do we more often than not stay in our Egypt? Methinks being at ease in
Egypt is mostly about fear. Egypt is not comfortable; it is sometimes downright
painful but….  it’s what we know and even
a familiar pain can become our ‘normal’ if we allow it. It strikes me that
staying in Egypt is a choice……  a
choice not to walk in absolute faith; a choice not to be fully submissive to
the Spirit of God and to trust Him to deliver us completely and take us to our
place of flourishing.
I hope I don’t sound too preachy today. I actually realize
as I have written this straight from the heart, that it is the Lord Himself who
is calling me to action, as He calls you also. So, I’m going to making a nice
hot cup of tea; I will go sit in my new thinking corner, and reflect on any deliberate journeys I may have made or may be in the process of making back
to Egypt. I trust God for one thing….He will help me. That is His Word and it
is forever settled in heaven. Besides, He did say ‘These Egyptians you see, you shall see no more’. I’m holding on to
that – His promise to throw both the horse and the rider into the sea… for my
sake. Someday soon, I will share what I found to represent Egypt for me. But don’t
stay in the place of expectancy….waiting to hear all my crazy issues, lol.
You go do some Holy Ghost-inspired laundry yourself sista. The Lord will also help you.
See you on the other side of your red sea.

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  • SistarB says:

    I find out it is so easy to return to Egypt that we have to constantly be on our guard. Egypt turns out in our walk the only destination where returning receives no opposition whatsoever. But I mean, that is because once we get there, the enemy has us where he truly wants us! Hmmmm, Father please keep me from buying a ticket to Egypt in Jesus name.

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