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Birth your dreams

By January 17th, 2016Uncategorized8 min read
As I thought about what I purposed
to share with you on this post today, a tweet I sent out recently came to mind.
It was a quote that said ‘The biggest
mistake you can make is listening to people who’ve given up on their dreams
telling you to give up on yours
’.  I can’t
begin to tell you just how true this expression is, but I can tell from the
number of re-tweets it got that it resonates deeply with many.
One of the things I am so glad
for today is that I have been able to fulfill a good number of the dreams in my
heart, and even as new ones continue to evolve, I have a sense that as bold and
as audacious (scary even) as some of them look, the same grace of God which has
seen me being able to actualize some of my dreams in the years past, is the
same grace that will as well see these new ones come to pass. I look back on
some of the things God has helped me to birth and I smile in remembrance of how
big they once looked. I smile in realization that no matter how big the dreams
are, God is bigger. Indeed, I have preached countless of times that if our
dreams are big enough for us to readily accomplish with minimal efforts then
they are certainly not from God.
Our God is a big God! He is the
greatest of the greats. He is too big for us to readily comprehend. He is the One
who sits on the heavens of heavens as His throne, and the One for Whom the earth
is but a mere footstool. He is eternity past, present and future. He knows all
things, and in Him do all things consist. Nothing is made that was made without
Him. He is all knowing, all seeing, all powerful! He is the Creator Himself! He
is the master Craftsman! He is the Author and the Finisher! He is the Potter! He
is the Designer and Controller of the universe! He is the One to Whom all the
resources of the earth and in the spirit realm belong!
Sis, our God is the One Who has
written the end of all things from the beginning. He is the One for Whom
nothing is impossible! He it is Who has boldly declared that eyes have not
seen, nor ears heard, that it has not come into the realm of the imagination of
men the things He has prepared for those that love Him. And this our God is the
very One Who puts the dreams in our hearts in the first place, according to His
grand design. One thing I know is that our God cannot put anything in us to do
that He has not already resourced us to deliver on. The challenge is that we
think about the possibilities through the eyes of our strengths, rather than
through the lenses of God’s abilities. But when we choose to look past
ourselves and set our hearts to obey, the outcomes are always so awesome.
Why am I focused on dreams today?
Well sis, I have shared with you before that out of one of the dreams the Lord
laid a dream years ago my book about couples working together-  ‘Double
was birthed. I know now that that dream was but a seed, sis….and the
book is only one tree in the mighty forest that I know God wants to birth out
of that seed. Last year, and as God had been leading me, I finally stepped out in
a new level of obedience and set up the Double
Impact Platform
. What an amazing journey it has been so far! We just had
our first meeting for this year and it was simply remarkable. The feedback from
participants – male and female, gave me some serious food for thought on one
hand, and on the other hand gave me clarity about the fact that the Double Impact Platform objectives from
the perspective of the Kingdom are so much deeper than I had thought or can readily
I can’t share the details on this
post, but suffice it to say and I can testify time and again, that when God
puts a dream in our hearts, all He needs is our obedience and He does the rest.
My earlier plan was to make the first two sessions free and then have
participants pay going forward, but God spoke to me and said the Double Impact Platform
would always be free. Sis, when He said that, my heart skipped a beat. I immediately
thought of how much each meeting had cost me and wondered how I could sustain
that expense. But I drew on my faith reservoir and decided to rest afresh in
the assurance that I am resourced by heaven and God Himself. And as always He
has come through for me time and again at these meetings, sis. All He needed was
my faith! He has continued to do the rest. I have not lacked, and I have not been
Sis, I stepped out in obedience
and lives are being touched, marriages are being transformed, and Kingdom businesses
are positioning to go to their next levels for God’s glory. And do you know
what I believe is the best part, sis? It’s that I am able to say that in this
too I am delivering glory to God. I am able to see that He has counted me
worthy to use as an instrument to bless His children through another channel. I
can see the forest now, sis. I have no clue how each tree will be established,
but I know that as I stay the course and allow Him lead me, God Who has called
me to do the planting is He Who will water, and He also Who will bring the
increase. This increase will bless lives for generations to come, and expand His Kingdom
on earth….of this I’m certain! I’m completely honored to be used of God sis,
totally and completely bowled over!
But this is ultimately really not
about me, sis. I have shared this with you to encourage you to step out in
faith and in obedience to deliver on whatever it is that the Lord has lain in
your heart to do. The dream you have held down all this while is so much bigger
than what you can see, sis. And our God has counted you worthy to entrust you
with the vision. You are holding back a kingdom assignment, sis and our Father
is asking you to do something with what He has purposed for you to do. He is
not calling you to go it alone, sis. I promise you! He is with you and He has
already provided. As you take a stand to step out today, He will help you to
see, to understand, and to access the resources He has made available to help
you along the way. You won’t ever experience fulfillment until you
intentionally step out in faith, sis. Can I encourage you to do this today? Can
I ask you to take a deep breath, exhale and then allow yourself free-fall into the
arms of He Who in the first place upholds you?
Our Father has need of you, sis! He
has need of you in a greater way today! He has asked me to remind you today
that He is waiting on you to make a move. He has asked that I say to you
categorically that in 2016 He has a higher expectation of you. And He has asked
me to remind you that you already have all the help that you need in Him. The Holy
Spirit will help you, sis. This is my prayer for you. Certainly, I see that in
my life that He has been and is my constant help. He is here for you too, sis. His
grace is available to you and for you. As you walk into a new level of obedience
backed by action, God will arise for you. He will honor your every effort and
magnify your output for His glory….in Jesus name, Amen.

Be blessed sis… for you surely

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