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Break every chain

By May 11th, 2015Uncategorized14 min read

Don’t recall who was preaching,
but my ears perked when I heard him ask if we truly understood the true essence
of the ‘Five loaves of bread & two fish’ experience. He said, ‘When Jesus broke the bread and fish –
which from mans’ perspective could only feed one, what He was doing was asking
us to see possibilities from His perspective… It wasn’t about feeding the five
thousand; rather it was about breaking apparent limitations’
. Wow! I
certainly had never thought about it like that.
It didn’t take me long to figure
that God had a word for you and I somewhere in there, because very shortly
after I found myself listening to Rev. Creflo Dollar speaking about focus and
the power of our thought life. He had said that constantly thinking a certain
way builds traditions in our minds, such that we then can’t see any other
possibilities. I had to pause and smile when he then said ‘What you focus on, you give strength to. Focus on your limitations and
they will limit you. Focus on five loaves of bread and two fish, and it will
never feed many. Focus on the God for Whom nothing is impossible, and the
limitation in your hands becomes the opportunity for great things to happen
Now that was a ‘Selah’ (pause and
think about this) moment, if ever. Don’t you agree, sis?
In this place of introspection,
it struck me that this is why the Word of God demands that we think about what
we are thinking about, and that we take hold of and authority over every
thought we have that does not align with the Word of God. Indeed, we are told
firmly to cast down every thought or imagination that tries to exalt itself
above the Word of God. Sis, ‘casting down’
does not imply ‘lay it aside gently’.
Nope! The expression ‘cast down’
sounds more like a ‘fling it away violently
with all your might’
type of action to me.
Focus is incredible! I once heard
Pst. Stephen Furtick of Elevation Church say that fear and faith both have
their root in focus. Our reactions, convictions, actions and inactions are
deeply rooted in the things we choose to focus on. Our thought life is the
space within which we either let God reign or the devil rule, and if we think
through even the smallest of areas of our lives, we see that this is an ongoing
battle. The strategy of the enemy is to throw fiery darts, remember? Our minds
are his fiercest battlefields and we win or lose in life’s situations depending
on how much room we make for him in there. As I thought about the bread and
fish limitation principle, I realized that many of the things I have been able
to achieve by the grace of God, have come to pass because I chose to at least
try, in spite of things looking near impossible, in spite of things looking
like they might not add any value, in spite of worrying what others might
think, in spite of worrying how it might work out. I have succeeded each time I
have allowed my mustard seed faith become my focus.
Speaking with one of my sistas who
started to blog recently, she shared how just before she pressed ‘send’ a whole lot of doubts hit her
mind. She wondered if anyone would read it, if it would make any sense, etc. She
almost succumbed to the pressure to delete her first post. Thankfully she
pressed send and a great vision has been birthed. I have read her first few
posts and I can confidently say that God is certainly doing a great work
through her. I could totally relate though,
sis. I could. You see, even knowing I could write and had written severally in
times past, I allowed myself be convinced for so long that I couldn’t ‘blog’. It was like there was a secret ingredient
that bloggers had which regular writers didn’t have, and which was then a
limitation for me. When I finally decided to try, it took me long enough to
believe what I had written made sense, and longer still to press ‘send’. When I
pressed send, I was assailed with thoughts about how I would be laughed off the
web, how no one would be interested in what I had to say. Thoughts in my mind
questioned my motives for blogging in the first place, questioned whether it
was an assignment from God or me looking for another way to validate myself.
Sis, it took everything in me to
cast down those thoughts and stand firm in this assignment. By the grace of
God, I was able to call to mind my prior successes. I allowed the Holy Spirit
remind me that He had given me a voice and that I should use it. I reminded
myself that while my blogs might not be for everyone, my posts would add value
to those that God purposed to read it. I found strength to purpose that even if
no one ever read any of my posts, I would be fulfilled in knowing I was doing
something close to my heart and something I really felt God would have me do. Five
years down the line, and again by the grace of God and the anointing of the
Holy Spirit, this platform has been such a blessing to me and to thousands of
others around the world.
If I looked at my limitations, I
wouldn’t have seen how my dream to run a business would ever have evolved into
the companies I run today. If I had kept my focus on the money we didn’t have,
the experience we lacked, the industry we didn’t truly understand, the contacts
we didn’t have, etc… then all we have built up over the last twenty-one years
would never have come to pass. Today, my businesses are touching lives through
our staff and their families and dependents, our vendors and alliances; we are
making tangible contributions to building up the infrastructure and revenue base
of our country, and I dare say our continent… This has only been possible
because the Lord was with me and because I chose to focus on the dream He gave
me and to see it as realizable potential within me. Sis, I chose not to cover
the seed, but to diligently water and nurture it through the seasons and storms
of life.
I would not have written two
books or had the courage to be working on the several more that I am doing
today, if I had focused on the limitations of my money, time and many
responsibilities; or if I had focused on the very real fear of being able to
stay the course on one hand, and then of having something tangible and
value-adding to say on the other. But by God’s grace, I found strength to focus
on what I did have… a passion to write, a laptop, a tape recorder, encourages
God put in my space, and a commitment to at least try and to stay the course no
matter how long it would take.
Sis, one of the major issues we
have to deal with in this space of addressing apparent limitations, is our highly
focused fear of criticism and of failure. I mean, the disciples focused on the
size of the meal in the little boy’s hand. Even knowing they were walking with
the Son of God, their faith was small and they saw only the limitations. They
feared failure, criticism and ridicule. As far as they were concerned, Jesus
should probably have told the crowd to manage their hunger until He was done
teaching and they could then go to their respective homes to eat. I suspect that
left to them, they would rather have taken even the little meal that young boy
had and hidden it. They would have told him it wouldn’t make sense for him to
be eating when so many others were hungry. Yes sis, they would probably have
taken the limitation and magnified it…. More importantly though, they would
have taken potential and buried it! Sad how many of God’s children are doing the
very same thing in different areas of our lives… burying potential!
Potential! Such a powerful word!
And sis, you and I are packed full of it! My questions today then are: ‘What is it about your life and your
circumstances that you are looking at as limitations to your fulfilling
potential and thus purpose?’ Sis, what is the bread-and-fish situation you are
dealing with today?  Sis, what are you
focused on that seems to be hindrance to achieving your dreams? What are you
giving power to? What are you afraid of? And what do you have faith for?
have to deliver on your assignment, sis. You and I must not leave this earth
without delivering to the world everything for which God purposed that we
should be here for this time and season. God is challenging us today to
carefully consider what we need to deal with to ensure we are progressively on
course towards dying empty.
I love Andy Stanley’s book ‘Visioneering’ and more so because he is
a person of faith and so writes this book not based on secular principles, but
straight up out of the Word of God. He said some things which I will like to
leave with you today
‘Don’t allow your fear of the unknown to deter
you from what God has put in your heart to do. Worse than failure is living
with the regret of never having stepped out in faith to pursue your vision.’
‘Do not be distracted by criticism. Our natural
response to criticism is to defend ourselves. This is especially true when our
vision is under attack. We are tempted to begin a dialogue with our critics or
with those who are parroting their criticism. Without realizing it, our focus
begins to shift. Instead of being vision centered, we slowly become critic
‘Don’t get distracted. Don’t let criticism or
fear derail your pursuit of your vision. You don’t want to wake up one day and
realize you spent your time rather than invested it.’
Sis, we must not allow apparent
limitations hold us back. We must not allow fear of failure or criticism hold
us back. We cannot allow the same old kinds of thinking stop us from seeing and
optimizing the potentials that are within and around us. Rev. Creflo Dollar
said that we need to break the fallow ground of the traditions of our minds, so
that the Word of God can take full effect in our lives; so that the Word of God
can grow mightily within us and prevail as we fulfill purpose and bring the
glory back to God.  
I had started to write this post
this morning, stopping midway to head out for church. I received confirmation that
this is a due season word for you and I, as the Pastor who ministered today
spoke not only to the five loaves and two fish scripture, but also to the
prevailing power of the word of God and the imperative for us not to be
sluggards or we might miss our harvest. Like he said, an abundance of rain is
irrelevant to those who have no seed in the ground. It’s time to make a move,
sis. You and I will not be sluggish concerning our dreams going forward. We
cannot afford to be! That dream that looks impossible is our seed and we must
sow it in faith, tiny as it is. And having sown, we must press forward….even
baby steps work for God, and He is ever faithful to take our small efforts and give
us amazing results. There is a heavenly demand for a new level of fruitfulness
on you and on me… and in this season we must deliver a new level of glory to
God by our obedience.
I am reminded about the Holy
Ghost inspired lyrics of Tasha Cobb’s amazing song… that there is power in the
name of Jesus to break every chain! Sis, that power is available to you and I.
Sis, that power… if we focus on God and His Word, will build up our faith and
diminish our fears. If you and I intentionally choose to focus on God’s power
which effectually works within us; to focus on He Who has said there will be a
performance of His Word; to focus on God’s ability to supply all our needs; to
focus on His ability to add His super to our natural; then we will see well
past our apparent limitations and break the chains that have long since held us
back from attaining the level of fruitfulness in our gifting’s that God has
purposed for us.
Sis, it is in the power of the
name of Jesus that I stand today in agreement with you and declare every chain
broken, every apparent limitation exposed. I declare newness in your mind and
spirit. I speak an invigoration of your mind and body, an infilling with new
levels of energy and drive. I speak a release of fresh anointing over your gift
and your dreams. I speak a divine re-alignment with your purpose, and the
unction to ‘do all things’. I agree with heaven for fresh ideas, innovative
approaches, clarity of thought, and strength of will, so that you will apply
yourself with a new level of diligence to your assignments and dreams. I agree
with you for a fresh sensitivity to the voice of the Father, to the leading of
the Holy Spirit, and a heart recommitted to full obedience as the Lord holds
your hands to walk you through this new phase. I decree these over you sis, as
I decree over myself also. Every limitation that has held our potential bound
and chained us at this level is broken in Jesus name, sis. I agree with you and
draw a bloodline around your purpose. I decree that all we see are
possibilities and that we will walk fully in the realm of godly possibilities.
We shall fulfill purpose, sis! I am looking forward to your testimonies of
release. The Lord will help you, even as He is surely helping me.

Be blessed sis… for you surely


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