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Chasing after God

By December 20th, 2011Uncategorized6 min read
I don’t really know when it was that I first heard this song but its words continue to reverberate in my spirit time and again. I believe it’s by Vanessa Williams and it goes:

Never can I be satisfied with my place in God
Oh Lord, I’m chasing for something
Cos there’s something more that God has in store for my life
Oh Lord, I’m chasing for something
I’m praying and fasting, I’m seeking and asking
Lord I need You more than ever before
I am chasing for God on my knees
It’s my prayer, my desire
For God to be pleased
Oh Lord, Oh Lord, I’m chasing after You
I’m searching for secrets revealed in your Holy Word
Oh Lord, I’m chasing for something
La la la la la …….. (okay so I forgot the words to the second stanza, lol)

Somehow, this portion of the song has stuck over the years and is reflective of my constant state of being: I’m chasing after God; chasing after His peace; chasing after His love; chasing after His promise of a heavenly Kingdom. Every day, my hearts cry is ‘Lord please help me get through the day; Help me resist the temptations of the world; Lord, help me to show forth the Christ that is in me; help me live a life that is worthy of You’A tough call no doubt. Sometimes, the challenge is not even that I am not doing the right thing. Sometimes the challenge is that I am doing the right thing for the wrong or a selfish motive. You’ve been there right? The thing is, neither position works as far as God is concerned. Na wa! But this heaven? We must make it by the grace, power and mercy of God!

Anyhow, what has prompted me blogging again so soon? I just attended an event that gave put this message on my heart. A beautiful invite it was and the follow up to the event was great. It was supposed to be about bringing women of God together for a time of fellowship and sharing. Being one who does not like to pass up an opportunity to fellowship, and being that one of my precious sister’s was right by my side, off we went in anticipation.
I won’t go into details about what happened, except to say that at some point I had a sense in my spirit that The Spirit  was not in what was going on. The feeling was so strong that I began to feel physically ill. As a set of prayer, ‘prophesies’ and ‘revelations’ came forth from the pulpit, I found myself seriously pleading the Blood of Jesus as a hedge over and around myself.

At the end, I asked my sister what her thoughts were and through her, God confirmed that what I had wasn’t just a stomach upset. Wow! We tried to figure what purpose God had for allowing us to be in that space. She had been given an unexpected opportunity to minister earlier on in the course of the event, and based on the message she was led to share, and the prayers I was invited to give; we realised that God had us there for a reason. Yep! it appears we were sent to stand in the gap without even knowing it. The words of this song dropped in my spirit as we departed from the venue and I realised that God had given me a new message even through this experience.

Simply put, God’s message from what happened today is that while He desires us to chase after Him with everything that we have, He is admonishing us to be careful of the spirits we expose ourselves to as we seek Him. I believe God is saying that we have to be discerning especially at this time, because not every messenger is from Him. God is reminding us of His Word that in the last days there will be multitudes of men and women ‘of God’ who will come forward in His name, but who have not been sent. God is reminding us that in order to effectively hear from Him and walk in the knowledge and wisdom of God, we need to be built up in our spirits as well, to have the Word of God firmly rooted in us.

Each of us has the capacity to know God for ourselves and we needn’t be overwhelmed by anyone who presents as being more righteous; as hearing from God per second; as having been sent from God. If we draw close to Him and allow ourselves to grow in Him, we will be knowledgeable enough to test every word that comes from any pulpit, pastor, prophet, etc to determine for ourselves if indeed it is from God. The Bible tells us that He confirms His Word right?

So my call to you today is to please chase after God more than ever before. In your praying, in your fasting, in your Bible study, in your fellowships, in whatever means it is that you position yourself in this race to find God…including your relationships; please be sure to pray for discernment. Ask for the wisdom of God to guide you into all truth. For sad will be the day that you find that in chasing God, you were really running down the wrong road. May this not be our lot IJMN.

I pray the Holy Spirit will breathe upon us all afresh and impart a new measure of discernment upon our spirits. I pray He will fill us with the strength to carry through, even as we work to build ourselves up; as we chase after God. I pray that in the end, we will truly find Him.

Be blessed!

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  • Salt says:

    I have come to realise that without discernment I cannot do this! Daily, I ask God for it. Cos what may be right now, may not be right later….even though all looks the same…….I don't want to guess, I want to know for sure. And only God can tell me for sure. Thanks for this Aud.

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