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Concentric circles

By June 22nd, 2012Uncategorized8 min read

It continues to amaze me how with God, everything is connected and He always brings things full circle in His own time. It’s interesting how He sometimes speaks a word to you and then asks you to just hold on to it quietly for a while; no explanations given. In February of this year, among other things, the Lord spoke the words ‘Concentric Circles’ to me. I recall thinking clearly, ‘What does this mean Lord?’ and His response was ‘I will make all things clear in My own time’. Several times over the past few months, these words have reverberated in my spirit in my quiet moments. I think you know by now that I didn’t just hold on to the words and leave it at that, don’t you? So let me be the first to admit that I spent quite a bit of time trying to reason this expression out on my own. Could it mean this? Or could it mean that? At the end of the day however, I came to the place where I again had to remind myself that trying to force revelation is an exercise in futility. At that point I was reminded that our mandate is to concentrate on the revealed will of God, and to trust that His concealed will would be made manifest at the right time, His time. At this point also, His peace once again flowed over me like a river…….

All of yesterday, my sistas and I took time out to retreat and commune with the Lord. I simply love these ladies. Each of them brings power to the table and I never leave them feeling I have diminished in any way. Nope, they power me up; they surely do! As always, our time together in the presence of the Lord was nothing short of a ‘time of refreshing’. As we loved on each other, laughed, cried, fellowshipped and worshipped God together; we each found ourselves truly ‘clothed with the Holy Spirit’ and girl, did the Holy Spirit move powerfully amongst us yesterday or what? Yes, ma’am! God was surely in the midst of us – speaking new things to us, reminding us of certain things and convicting us (ouch!!!) of yet others. Simply powerful, I tell you sis!

As we began to reflect on the things the Lord had laid on our hearts, I had shared with my sistas that the words ‘Concentric Circles’ had come to me in February this year and several times over since then. I said to my sistas that I truly didn’t know yet what these words meant, but that since He had reminded me again during the time of our praise and worship yesterady, I felt I should share. We sort of moved on to other things but what happened later on made clear that God had been speaking this to me all this while to bring each of us to that place of deep revelation as we found ourselves in yesterday. You know what? Just learn to trust God. He has said that not one iota of His word will come back to Him without achieving the purpose for which He sent it. So when He does speak, we will – if not immediately, eventually receive clarity on the purpose His word.

So there we were, discussing the relationship between a word God had spoken to one of us two years ago, and the manifestation of that word in the life of yet another one of us. As this sista shared with us that she was believing God for clarity regarding the purpose of a particular set of relationships He was drawing her into, it suddenly hit me…. ‘Concentric Circle’! I received a very clear revelation which near blew me away as I shared it with my sisters as immediately and in the words the Spirit laid in my heart.

In summary, God showed me the picture of the circle He had formed between the six of us – seven really, counting our sista, Coach and Mentor Anna McCoy (not to mention the linkages this relationship with hundreds of women all over the world that has come out of knowing Coach Anna). We continue to be amazed by the love and power that we share. Seven incredibly strong, diverse yet like-minded, successful entrepreneurial women; each hungry for God; each focused on being a sister-mother-daughter-friend to the next and to all; each constantly giving and helping to build up the next; no bitterness; no rancour. Indeed, it’s simply amazing! And why not? God brought us together didn’t He? The story of our coming together is itself amazing; a God-connection that I will one day share with you on this platform.

As God showed me the formidable circle that we represent, the Spirit ministered that out of each of us, other circles of relationships in our areas of endeavour or strength would be built up. Yes, from each of us, several other strong circles of relationships would arise. The beauty however is that we would, in ourselves, remain a circle of strength; we would not diminish. As we remain plugged into the source  of our power (at Woman Act Now we recognize and acknowledge God unequivocally as the source of all our power), then no matter how much we give of ourselves to power up these other circles, we will never diminish. How can we lose power as long as we remain plugged into He Who is the most powerful?  The message was that we shouldn’t be worried about the other relationships building up around us. They are designed by God to fulfil His purpose. God is using us to impact the women of the world and we can only do this if we yield ourselves as a channel for new links to form. What we need to do is stay connected to His voice and leading, so we are sure to build only those relationships and circles that He sends our way.

The Lord pointed out that within concentric circles there are no chinks, no breaks. Each circle remains complete. There are no weak points. Each circle is strong in itself, yet the strength of each circle is fortified in its being a part of the concentric. What this spoke to us is that we are called to stand together yes, yet we are called to reach out. In reaching out we make more impact; and as we impact the world for the Kingdom of God, we are ourselves strengthened and enlarged. As I write this, I am visualizing each circle as having a fluorescent glow. We are the light of the world right? Now visualize with me a ball of concentric fluorescent circles. In my mind’s eye, that’s a truly brilliant light. Such power! Such glory! Truly amazing to know you and I can be part of that!

This is God’s call to you and I today sis. Think about it! If your circle has remained closed over the years, perhaps you need to rethink what God’s mandate for you is. Look at the relationships He has tried to bud through you. Have you been holding back in fear? Have you been holding back because you think you have nothing to give? Maybe you have been hurt one time too many and so you are shying away from new relationships? Why not take some time today and pray, asking the Lord to give you new eyes to see the mandate He has for the women of the world today, and how He can use you to further this mandate. Allow Him to mould you into that formidable inner circle from which Kingdom power can begin to flow to your sisters – known and unknown. The beauty of forming Spirit-led concentric circles of women is that you are inadvertently affecting generations. I pray that you will be fully yielded to the Spirit even as He again begins this work in you.

Be blessed sis….. for you surely are!

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