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Continue in Him

By January 15th, 2013Uncategorized8 min read

Happy New Year! Coming
a little late? I agree! January 2013 is pretty much well on its way isn’t it?
 Beyond the crescendo of the festivities from
the eve and into the New Year, we are for the most part, back to business as
usual. I don’t know about you sis but for me, business as usual has really been
business unusual as I have found myself dealing with an unprecedented activity
level, somewhat rather frenzied for the first month of a New Year. My husband
and I shared a memory a couple of days back, about how there was a time when
between November and February, it was a struggle to find business to engage in.
We would usually have to shut down our company by the second week in December
and stay closed till second week in January because there simply wasn’t anything
to do. Right now, it’s a struggle to find time to just ‘be’. There is always
that one new project, new responsibility or new opportunity to see the company through.
 I am not complaining though; assuredly
not! Ah, yes! There is surely a blessing due to God for the busyness of our
days, for the privilege of our assignments and purpose; and for His enablement
and empowerment to help us carry through.

Busy or not, I don’t doubt
the commonality which you and I have shared coming in from the end of 2012 and into
this period. Year ends and beginnings always come with reflections and deep
introspection. It’s a risky time at that; a time when wittingly or otherwise, our
psychological, emotional and spiritual frames could set the tone for the rest
of the year ahead. In this introspective space and if we are not careful, we could
become consumed with what we didn’t achieve or receive in the course of the prior
year; becoming clouded by targets we set and failed to meet; and sometimes making
rather frantic decisions or taking harried actions that really have no
intrinsic value in the scheme of things. This is also a time when our prayers carry
the utmost air of desperation, lol. Have you noticed how that during this
season there are more prayers reminding God that He is the God of ‘by this time
tomorrow’; the ‘God of purpose’; the “God who calls things that be not as
though they were’; etc?  

Sis, as we move
forward into 2013 lets remind ourselves that God is all of these and more,
every single day and all the year through. Have you noticed how in this same reflection
mode, and if we are not looking through the right frame, we could very easily lose
sight of the very many laudable things that we did achieve – as unplanned and unintentional
as they might have been? Time and again we are careless enough to lose sight of
the immeasurable blessings, grace and favor that we experienced during the
year, and which are of infinitely more value to ourselves and to those around
us, probably because they were not dressed as the blessings we otherwise
expected. Hmmm!
As my 2012 wound to a
close, I truly needed the break the holidays afforded me. No doubt you did too.
However, rather than lose myself in another frenzy of outings and social
events, I chose to turn down the dial in those few days ….disconnecting
physically and mentally, and in a very determined way. The level of stress I
had allowed in prior to this was not acceptable, and I knew the choice was up
to me to deal with this as I moved into 2013. In this frame, I demanded a quiet
within me and demanded a purposefulness to my reflections. I thought about my
early commitment to be intentional in every area of my life in 2012. I tried to
assess how much I had lived by this commitment as the days had rolled into
weeks and months. My score was far from perfect; at least, not in the things I resolved
to intentionally see through to the end. So no, among other things, I didn’t complete
any one of the books I was writing last year; I didn’t lose the 15kg I intended
to; and no, I didn’t get to start my doctorate, yada yada yada.

But here is the thing
sis…..I’m not beating myself over the head. Nope! Strangely enough….. or
perhaps not so much so, I have come into 2013 at incredible peace with myself, within
myself, with my life, and more importantly, with my Lord. This is what I want
to share with you in this New Year. Yes sis, somewhere inside of me I found the
strength to focus intentionally on the other things I started; not the
oh-so-lofty resolutions I made originally; but the things which I hadn’t
planned on but which once started, I saw through to the end by the empowerment,
grace and mercies of God. I refuse to be sidetracked by what should otherwise have
been great disappointments regarding my failed intentions/resolutions. I rather
choose very deliberately to see my life through the lens of He Who is in me and
this is my encouragement to you.

We serve a God for Whom
even the greatest of all our resolutions is but the easiest of things for Him
to do. We serve a God Who is not limited to the 12month cycles of our human
calendar year. He is way bigger than that! He is eternity past present and
future! He is time itself! You can choose today to see yourself and your life
through the lens of He Who is in charge of your times and seasons; He Who called
you forth for His express purpose, and Who will surely bring it to pass in your
life. Sis, God’s ability to ‘do’ for you and I is not constrained by time. Our
12months are less than a speck in the frame of eternity. It strikes me that
when God speaks and sets timing to the performance of His Word, it never fails.
As I reflect on my testimonies in 2012, I can recall clearly an instance where
God spoke to me and said to me in one case ’21 days’ and He did just that. I also
remember where He simply assured me that He would come through for me in due
time, and a five-month objective came through in just five weeks. But I also
recall clearly things I have trusted Him for within some period, and which He didn’t
bring to pass till well after, at His own time – the best part being that even
I could clearly see that it still through came at the right time. Can you relate?

Sis, I believe that in
2013 the question for you and I will be whether we are listening out for and hearing
clearly from God, or whether we are forging ahead in our own strength, hoping
against hope that God will work according to our own promptings. My prayer for
you and I in this year is that we will seek Him more; listen more; and be
guided more than anything else by the voice of the Holy Spirit that is within
us. There is overwhelming peace in this place, sis.  Don’t lose hope about those things you had set
your heart to but didn’t see come to pass in 2012. Continue to believe!
Continue to trust! Hope against all hope and you will see God manifest His
perfect purpose for you at His perfect time. His word tells us that the plans
of man’s heart are many, but it is the purpose of the Lord that shall stand. His
purpose is not determined by our timing. We must believe that He knows the end
from the beginning, and the end is good for those of us who know, believe and
trust in Him; for those of us who will yield totally to be led of Him. 

in Him sis! Seek clarity about His purpose, and continue in the place of trust
and faith in His ability to bring His purpose for your life to pass in due
season. Trust me when I say that His season is more glorious than your intended
season could ever have been. Have a wonderful 2013 sis! I can’t wait to share
the testimonies that will abound as you go forward in His peace.
Be blessed….. for you
surely are!   


  • My dear sister,

    What a profound and thoughtful piece. As a reluctant "returnee" to Lagos last year, I spent a lot of time haranguing God about how unfair the whole thing was. And yet, when I look back at all the things I got to do, I can't help thinking "imagine what i would have achieved, if i'd stopped whining sooner!!!!!"

    I've got me a plan for 2013 and I'm cooking with gas. I'm looking forward to all the things that I will achieve this year-in Him.

    Let the God times roll sisters.

    Be blessed

  • My dear sister,

    What a profound and thoughtful piece this is.

    As a reluctant 'returnee' to Lagos. I spent a fair amount of time haranguing God about how unfair the whole thing was. And yet, when I think about the things I have done since I got here, I must say "imagine what i could have done if i'd stopped whining sooner!!!!!"

    I'm on a roll now. Got myself a plan for the year and looking forward to all the great things I'm set to achieve- in Him this year.

    Let the God times roll sisters.

    Be blessed

  • Unknown says:

    This paragraph pretty much summed everything for me,
    "His purpose is not determined by our timing. We must believe that He knows the end from the beginning, and the end is good for those of us who know, believe and trust in Him; for those of us who will yield totally to be led of Him."
    No truer words have been written. Thanks for sharing sis.

  • Thank you for reaffirming for me what the LORD spoke to me as I transited from 2012 to 2013. His priorities meets my plans and then I am upset that I didn't achieve my goals. Now that I have His perspective, I am more at peace.

    Bless you for sharing.

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