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Do it afraid; Do it uncertain…. But do something!

By July 23rd, 2013Uncategorized9 min read
first book is out! It really is! I find myself sitting back and just staring at
it. For real? Apparently so! I saw the first hard copy this past Friday but excited
as I was, I was also in the thick of last minute preparations for the 2013
edition of the Return of the Helper conference. I guess the reality of the book
Uniquely Woman’ began to hit when my
daughter-from-another-mother Blessing came to me in the course of the
conference and said “
Mummy, there are
some ladies lined up at our stand waiting for you to autograph their copies of
the book”.
I could only but stare at her for a few seconds, absolutely
speechless. As I signed those first few books, the smile on my face totally
belied the fact that I was crying inside; it was just so overwhelming. I was
simply in awe of a God Who is able to take the smallest of our efforts and
bring great things out of them. I have since had several calls from people
asking me where they can get copies, how they can pay, if it’s available on
Amazon, etc. With every new call, my heart sings in gratitude and praise to God
Who has made this possible.

allow me say this to you, sis: Whatever the Lord lays in your heart to do…. even
if you are afraid, even if you are uncertain of the outcome… Just
do it!
 Regardless of how
daunting it might seem, make the first move and then leave the rest to Him.

don’t recall when I first had the leaning to start blogging. I was already
writing for TW Magazine and at the same time working on another book (which
will be out in another couple of months) yet I had a sense that I wanted to
have an outlet to speak more regularly to an audience out there. I wasn’t really
sure what I wanted to blog about, but I knew at least that I am passionate
about adding value to the lives of people and in particular women, so it was
clearly going to be something motivational or inspirational. I can be a bit of
a clown sometimes, so I did also plan to infuse some humor into my writings. But
there was a snag….

was the fact that my then friend-from-a-distance (now sister and prayer partner)
was already blogging regularly as the Desperate Naija Woman (DNW). I followed
her posts diligently and continued to be amazed at how similarly our minds
worked and the other many commonalities that we clearly shared. She had
published her blogs as a Diary which was generating waves (I personally have
bought and absolutely loved every one of the Diaries) and I was so afraid I
would be seen to be copying what she was doing. Secondly, another sista of mine
also authors another great blog (Nevertheless: and I
was even more afraid of being seen to be copying her too. I was scared enough
to question myself as to whether I was suffering from some kind of ‘me-too’
syndrome. You know that one where you compare yourself to the next person and
then wish you could, or even sometimes waste precious time and energy trying to
do what they do right? Hmmm! Thank God for maturity and for now being able to
take our full identity in Christ!

the Lord continued to lay this desire on my heart and so on this one day, I was
opportune to be at one of Salt’s (DNW now goes by ‘Salt’ –
book readings, and mentioned to her that I was writing a book myself. Her first
response? Excitement! She had said she would be looking forward to having me
read sections of my book at her next book reading. As we talked, I had casually
mentioned that I had also been considering starting a blog and she said something
to the effect that she didn’t doubt that I would have something to say that
will bless someone out there. When I also spoke to my sista Bidemi about this
exchange, I got yet more encouragement and she went further to share with me
all the technicalities about setting up and managing a blog. There I was
worried that I would be seen to be a poor copy of these two amazing ladies, and
all they had to give me was the greatest of encouragement and support. There is
surely a lesson in that for someone sis. Surely there is!

rest as they say is…history? Not quite sis! Not quite!

still took a while. Even with all the encouragement I was getting – from my husband
inclusive, it took a while. Finally though, I started to write…. very afraid
and extremely uncertain. Afraid that nonetheless, I would be seen to be seeking
significance; afraid that I really didn’t have anything to say; afraid that no
one would really care if I did say anything. I started to write uncertain that I
would be able to find the time to sustain my writing; uncertain that I wouldn’t
lose interest at some point; uncertain that I really had anything to say that
would sustain anyone’s interest; uncertain about what value the whole exercise
would bring. I was afraid and uncertain of so much…. but I braved it and started
to write anyway. At some point I had kinda figured that I had absolutely
nothing to lose by at least trying.

the shortest of times however, the Lord began to open up new things to me that
I was led to share on the blog. I have since received such great feedback and
some very deep responses from my readers that sometimes had me go back to
re-read certain posts, finding myself in awe of the things the Lord is using these
posts to do in the lives of both men and women who follow Uniquely Woman. And now three years later, Uniquely Woman the book is a reality. Some of those I mentioned in
the acknowledgements have called to express surprise that I thought to
acknowledge them. My response? Honor comes to those to whom it is due! It is
the feedback and encouragement that has kept me going all this while and I am
so grateful to each of you.

never know how far a simple word of encouragement from you can go in the life
of another. The Lord wants you to use your tongue as a vessel of honor unto
Him, and one of your core assignments is to speak life into those around you. In
the same way sis, God will use others to speak into your destiny and purpose
and help you find fulfillment in your assignment, in Jesus name.

is that thing that you long to do, sis? What is that large elephant that you
wish with all your heart that you could swallow? Take the first bite, sis. You
will never be personally fulfilled unless you are able to bless the world with
the things the Lord has put in you. In Genesis 15 v 5 the Lord asked Abraham to
look up and count the stars. Clearly there was no way that Abraham could have
been able to do that in his own ability. All He would be able to do was to look
up, and truthfully that was all the Lord needed him to do… to take the first
step. God asked Him to count the stars because He knew that as long as Abraham
looked up to Him, he would not have to depend on his human ability, but rather
on the ability of our God for Whom counting the stars (the ones for which the
Lord knows each by name) is not at all impossible.  

it afraid sis! Do it uncertain! The Lord will help you look up sis. He will
help you take the first step and then He will use your obedience to magnify the
output of your little effort. We serve a God that is no respecter of persons. Just
as He has used a blog I was afraid and uncertain to start-off to touch lives;
just as He has now brought it to the fruition of a book I know will bless even
more people; just as He has done this for me with my little step of obedience and
looking up to Him…. so also do I pray for you sis, that the Lord will help you
to give full expression to the uniqueness that is in you, for the benefit of
mankind, and to the praise and glory of His name.

blessed sis….for you surely are!


  • It is bad enough not to try doing something. Like you said, there is fulfilment in making an effort to develop something, however small. Congratulations on the publication of your book.

  • This is very deep and absolutely true. I've learnt that even when we start uncertain, as long as we are in the centre of God's will and taking that baby step in obedience, He will sustain and multiply our effort. Congratulations on your first book. I rejoice with you. I am encouraged to give more attention to the book I am writing. Blessings to you.

  • Abiola says:

    Thanks for this beautiful post and the words of encouragement, got here through Salt's site.

    Congratulations too, more grace for more accomplishments IJN.

    Remain blessed.


  • Abimbola says:

    Wow, wow. A total package indeed. You are indeed a woman after God's heart and He shall reward your efforts in Jesus Name.

  • Abimbola says:

    Wow, wow! A total package indeed. God bless you real good.

  • It is bad enough not to try. Like you said, there is fulfilment in trying to create something, however small. Congratulations on the publication of your book.

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