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God’s applause

By June 1st, 2013Uncategorized9 min read
seemed like my girls and I had been on some kind of marathon traveling spree. One
after the other, and with overlaps in between, we had found ourselves in one
trip or the other to different countries. We had breathed a collective sigh of
relief when the last of us finally touched-down back home, and the very next
morning our collective plea was
‘When do
we get to see?’
Yep! I had surely missed my crew and as surely they had
missed me. You see, these are my sistas, my friends, prayer warriors, my accountability
partners – each of us God-given midwives to the other on the pathways of our
destinies. And yes, technology made it possible for us to stay as much in touch
as we could, but as you well know…
nothing like the real thing baby’.

one by one, we walked into some new restaurant that we had scheduled to meet at
I couldn’t help but be somewhat amused at this one group of people who
apparently came in for a quiet business lunch and for whatever reason decided
to take up the table beside us. On one hand, they were going to have to contend
with a lot of laughter from six women who hadn’t seen each other in a bit; and
on the other hand, they would have no choice but to hear the Word of God and
share in our prayers together. Oh, but if only they had known, lol.

always, we started our time together by running through the goings-on in our
lives over the period since we last met; ultimately ending in prayer and thanksgiving.
Everyone had some challenge to share yes, but even more overwhelming were the
incredible testimonies from each of these precious women that I have been
blessed to have in my life. My head was simply spinning in amazement at the
awesomeness of God in each of their lives, so much so that when it came to my
turn, I simply blanked out. I couldn’t think of anything to say. In my mind,
all I saw was a huge neon sign blinking ‘Wow!
Wow! Wow!’
over and over again. I made a comment about not having anything to
say, only to have one of my Sistas raise an eyebrow and ask me ‘Really?’

not really! Of course I had so much to testify about. I testified about the
many endless trips my husband has had to make in the past few weeks, through
which God has granted him safe passage; I thanked God for my daughter who just
turned thirteen and who is evolving into the most amazing young lady ever; I testified
of my first son who made a perfect A-score in his school in Canada; about my second
son who was just made a prefect in his school; about my last son who just
brought in a gold medal for his school in a golfing tournament. I testified
about the fact that the Lord was confirming His word and opening new ministry
opportunities to me. I testified about the great things the Lord is doing in my
businesses and the new opportunities and prospects He has been bringing our
way. There was just so much to be grateful for and as I constantly maintain,
the very fact that we have the breath of life in us is more than testimony
enough on a good day.

I was finally done, my Sista retorted ‘See?’
and we all laughed heartily. But here’s the thing…. I did see! I saw perfectly,
but I know that she didn’t. I had some insight that my Sistas didn’t have and this
informed my awe at the time. What I saw clearly was that God was moving in each
of our lives in ways that lined up with what He had earlier spoken to me about
His move for us all over the next season. One thing that He had said was that
we would not need to strive to be distinguished, but that He would lift us up accordingly
in His own way; that we would surely marvel at the new things He would do in
our lives. As each of my Sistas spoke, all I could think was how evidently God’s
word was unfolding.

thing is sis, that all human beings share this need to be recognized, to be
respected and honored, to know that we count, to be accepted by others. This is
what Maslow captured in his theory of man as being the need for
self-actualization. From a spiritual point of view however, it strikes me that
all that man really seeks is something that gives us a sense of completion, but
we mostly (and foolishly I might add) seek this

completion from our fellow men
rather than from the Creator. It would be great if you and I could say
unequivocally that once we come to Christ, we are done with the seeking of recognition’s
and the applause of men, but that would be a lie. The truth is that there is a
process of growth and maturity in the Lord that leads us to the point where we
know without a shadow of doubt, that all we need is God’s love, God’s approval
and God’s applause to make us whole; and even at that point, it is only the
grace of the Lord that sustains us.

we succumb to the striving’s of the world we live in – striving to make that
promotion; to be selected for that overseas training; to be nominated into that
committee; to sing solo for that special church service; to be selected for
that specific project; to win that contract… when we strive in our own strength,
no matter how glorious the win might be, it tends to leave us with a deep
hollowness within. I dare say, the higher the high, the greater the emptiness we
subsequently feel. Herein lies the difference when our victories, our
selections, our nominations, our recognition’s are orchestrated by the Lord
Himself. There is a humbling of our spirits that comes from knowing that only
God could have worked a certain positioning for you, and along with the
humbling is an internal wholesomeness, completeness and sense of peace that no
one can take away from you.

you and I need to be totally submitted to God and allow Him take the wheel in
our lives. Truth is that we haven’t gotten to where we are minus Him, and
indeed we might have been much farther ahead in life if we hadn’t tried to work
so much out in our own effort and reasoning. We are all living epistles of the
grace of God in our lives sis. I hope you know this deep in your heart, mind,
and spirit.  I would like to ask that you
take a few minutes today and think through those things that you desperately
seek at this point in your life, and which you believe will earn you the recognition,
applause, acceptance, and honor. These are not necessarily things that you seek
from a place of pride or a sense of entitlement, and they might not even be ‘big’
things; they will however be you are convinced will bring you fulfillment in
some area – desires that are so dear, and thoughts of which practically cause a
clutching sensation in your heart.

all those things and lay them at the mercy seat today sis. Give them over to
the Lord and ask Him to work with them as He sees fit, in accordance with His
purpose for your life. I can promise you that once we hand our deepest desires
fully over to Him, He is more than able to bring the right things to pass in
our lives and at the right time. He is the one Who is able to lift us out of
the dunghills and set us with princes remember? He is the one brings promotion
remember? He is the one Who is able to make us objects of distinction, causing kings
and nations to come to the rising of our brightness remember? He is the one Who
distinguishes us remember? He is the one Who chooses us and Who sets us apart

there is nothing that is impossible for our God to do for you and I, and no
height that He is not able to take us to – irrespective of whatever obstacles
the enemy tries to bring our way. How about you and I just rest in this assurance,
sis? More than any temporary recognition’s, promotions, or adulation’s the world
has to offer, methinks we should stay focused on ensuring that in the end, it
is God and God alone that is saying to us
done! Great job! I’m so proud of you!’

Lord will help us rest in His peace sis. He is more than able to distinguish
and promote us the His glory and honor of His name. Enough of the struggling
sis! As we trust God to lift us up, He will help you sis, and He will help me!

blessed sis…  for you surely are!

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