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Indescribable… this love!

By March 29th, 2014Uncategorized10 min read
have been in tears all morning from the moment I awoke, and up to a few minutes
ago. As I sat at my desk for my quiet time devotion, the tears streamed on in an
endless flow. Trust the Lord Who always makes provision, it just ‘happened’ to
be that someone in the household had left a row of tissues on my desk the night
before, so I didn’t have to leave that place of soaking in God’s presence,
tears and all
 …in awe at this simple
reminder of just how faithful God is to His Word that He is mindful of us, even
in the smallest of things.

can imagine sis that right now you are more concerned about why I have been
crying than my little tissue testimony right? No worries sis, no worries at
all. I have been shedding tears of pure joy in absolute appreciation of a God…my
God, Who has been so very gracious and loving as to keep me to this day. You see
sis, it’s my birthday today.  It’s my

know there are those at my age for whom birthdays hold no particular excitement
anymore. And I know there are those who appreciate birthdays but will right now
be trying to figure what is special about this one that I should cry tears of
joy. No sis, it’s not any sort of landmark birthday. It’s just that on one
hand, I woke up in praise – Frank Edwards ‘Nma Nma’ song spewing from my lips, and
the Lord crowned this by wishing me a Happy Birthday Himself, and speaking some
deep assurances of love to me as I went on my knees before Him. On the other
hand, I am simply overwhelmed by His love that is in and around me, and the very
evident, irrefutable expressions of this heavenly love in my life.  

if I were God (and I am soooo thankful that I am not), I am not sure that I would
be capable of loving me a fraction of how much I know He loves me. I mean, I
KNOW me, sis. I do! I know all my failings, my insecurities, my struggles, the
array of crazy emotions and odd thinking that I sometimes struggle with, my
fears, my doubts, my seasons of disobedience…. I know everything about me! And with
what I know, I suspect my love for me, were I God, would be seasonal and circumstantial,
and highly conditional. I would probably love me a lot during the good times,
and not so much at other times. And I would judge me, and I would condemn me…..and
more likely than not, I would color my blessings and grace over my life based
on my moods, emotions and perspectives for any one moment, hour, or day. The beauty
of it all though, and my joy this morning …is that indeed I am NOT God and
never will be! He alone is God! And He loves me… and loves you sis, in an
unending, unconditional, non-judgmental, all seasonal, borderless, everlasting
way. Halleluyah!

highest manifestation of this love? I’m still here sis! You’re still here! Not just
here and merely existing, but here and truly living… in Him! So many have gone
before me! So many are still here, but they are living in darkness, spiritually
blind to the fact that they are toying with their eternity by choosing the
world over God. I am here, and I privileged to be able to know and declare, and
to live a life in Christ; to know that the Lord has loved me enough to call me
His own.  Sis, I’m not sure that if I
were God, I would have chosen me. As broken and imperfect as I was and still
am, I’m not sure I would have looked good enough to myself as to have counted
myself worthy of a ‘maybe’. But He did sis! He counts you and I worthy and I can’t
think of a better day to once again allow the reality of God’s boundless love
and grace overwhelm me. Can you?

do I color God’s love sis? Simply indescribable, but oh so glorious! I have
said before that if we could as much as truly fathom a smidgen of God’s love physically
in our hearts, our hearts would literally explode. Simply incredible! Today, I am
filled with a new assurance that He counts me worthy, that He still has a purpose
for me…and this is why I am still here. Today, I am reassured that I am
anointed to fulfill my purpose and assignment here on earth, because of the God
that is in me! Today, I am reminded that the One Who is in me is my Rock of
impenetrable hardness and unyielding strength, and that through Him I can
surely do exploits. Today, I am reminded by that my life counts for something,
that I am blessed to be a blessing. Today, I am again deliberately mindful of
every blessing with which He has blessed me in heavenly places, and that these
blessings are for His purpose and eternal glory. Celebrate this great God with
me today sis, please celebrate Him with me!

was blown away yesterday when all my staff pulled a fast one on me. I had been
making plans to have food and refreshments delivered to the office since my
birthday would fall on a Saturday. In the middle of a meeting with one of my
managers yesterday, my cctv screen suddenly went blank. I was trying to figure what
could have tripped the signal up, when I started to hear singing outside of my
door. As they trooped in one after the other, with several cakes, and balloons,
singing and dancing a birthday tune, and as they prayed over me and mine; all
that rang in my spirit was the voice of God saying to me: ‘Manifestations of My
love, My daughter’. Yes sis, my birthday came a day early this year. I looked
across at each face, I looked at my husby standing by my side in that space, and
understood with clarity what God meant. I have been even more blown away this
morning by my hubby singing me a special birthday song he composed himself
(wow!) and the love of my children and wards; the avalanche of texts I haven’t even
been able to start reading; the many missed calls I am yet to compose myself
enough to return. Holding hands and standing in our family prayer circle,
listening and soaking in every prayer that each person prayed over me, the Holy
Spirit once again ministered to me: ‘Expressions of God’s love, reminders that you
are truly blessed by Me, that I am mindful of you’. Can you understand the
tears now sis? I’m broken in pure gratitude and adoration, in praise to my
faithful God.  

God’s love is indescribable! His love is all around us. It’s ours for the
taking! It may sometimes take particular instances and events for us to be
reminded of this, but I know God is trying to show us His love every second of
every day if we would just open our eyes to see, and our hearts to receive,
regardless of the situations or circumstances we find ourselves in. Sis, can I remind
you this morning that He loves you too? Can I assure you this morning that He
is mindful of you? Can I encourage you this morning that He holds you in the
palms of His hands? Can I declare to you today that even in your storms He is
faithful? Can I plead with you today to praise Him simply for the gift of His
choosing you? Can I ask you to take a few moments right now and think about
everything in your life that expresses His love for you – your family, your
health, your job/enterprise, your friends, your spiritual growth, the fact that
you are still here? Can I ask that in the spirit of celebration, you celebrate God
and His indescribable love for you today?

it’s my birthday, yes; but I choose to celebrate you today… you are a recipient
of God’s indescribable love and my heart sings for you for that singular
reason. I speak over your life and declare that tears of joy shall never be far
from you, in Jesus name. I declare that you will continue to be celebrated and to
celebrate God, in Jesus name. I declare over you that you will always have a
grateful heart, a heart that will allow you daily see and know, and be
appreciative of the expressions of God’s love in your life, in Jesus name. I declare
that yours is a life of purpose and that the Lord will continue to use you to
add value and impact the lives of others for good. I declare that you shall
live and not die, declaring the glory, mercies, favor and grace of God upon
your life, until the number of your days be fulfilled, in Jesus name. I declare
that daily …not just on your birthday, but daily your song shall be ‘The Lord
is good to me!’. I declare over your life, that you will constantly find
yourself in that place of spiritual overwhelm where you can barely breathe
through the cloak of the manifestation of God’s indescribable love for you. So shall
it be over you sis, so shall it be over me, in Jesus mighty name, Amen.

blessed sis… for you surely are!


  • Abimbola says:

    Blown away but standing with you to affirm this. God is indeed indescribable. And you are deeply loved and appreciated.

  • Unknown says:

    Happy belated birthday ma. I love the way you love God. Stay blessed.
    Nene Olusakin

  • Abimbola says:

    Blown away but standing with you to affirm this. God is indeed indescribable. And you are deeply loved and appreciated.

  • Anonymous says:

    Happy Birthday Sis… are surely blessed.

  • Unknown says:

    There is a school of thought that proposes that all emotional crying arises from the notion of perceived helplessness, or the idea that one feels powerless when one can't influence what is going on around them. You are absolutely right about not being God for the reasons you gave. We never influence him yet he overwhelms us. (even sometimes at the time we expect it) How else can we show our gratitude to him.

    Thank God I read this piece and as usual it has truly blessed and uplifted me. I say a resounding Amen to all the prophetic prayers I have personally been blessed by, in this piece. Ride on Sis and may the lord continue to enrich you as you enrich others. Happy Birthday once again.

  • My dear sister, all i can say is God is guuuud! God bless you real good.

  • Bolanle Adekunle says:

    Happy Birthday ma'am !!!!God Blessss you real good for reminding me once again of this love that will never let me go. Like you I am truly grateful that He loves me always and particularly in His special way. Have a lovely day and May your life this new year be filled with the tangible manifestations of His love,power and grace. In Jesus name Amen. Love "Pharm B"

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