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Light Overcomes

By May 18th, 2014Uncategorized9 min read
daughter turned 14 a few days ago. I was probably more excited than she was
about this birthday and I think even she could sense that, albeit that she
would clearly not have understood why. She turned 14 … not 16, not 18, not 21
which are kinda like the major milestone birthdays after the almighty 13. But you
see sis, for me it wasn’t about her age that day. It was about her ‘being’ ….her
being the remarkable young lady that she is and the incredible young woman that
she is becoming. 
On that day last week, I loved my daughter more than ever simply
because of her ‘being’ physically with me, home safe with her family.

loved and treasured my precious and only daughter more than ever before on that
day last week because it also happened to be the day after I first saw the
video of the kidnapped Chibok school girls gathered together and reciting the
Quoran. I had listened repeatedly the day before to some government official
speaking about the fact that the girls’ parents had been invited to try to
identify their daughters from the video, and that about 77 had been identified
at that time. I had listened and my heart had bled afresh… I mean how do you
measure the combination of relief at seeing your daughter alive, with the
anguish of not knowing where she is or how to rescue her? Or how do you deal
with the absolute fear of not seeing her in that sea of faces, and having to
wonder if she is still alive, or if she has been sold off as the maniac that organized
this evil act threatened to do? How sis? How does a parent deal with this?  

know you can relate when I say that on that next morning of my daughter’s birthday,
as I lifted my hand and heart in pure gratitude to God for His mercies and
protection over me and mine, I especially loved my daughter even more. In the
place of this love, as I held her in my arms and prayed over her, I hurt for
the mothers who couldn’t sleep the night before and every night since the
kidnappings, anxious and scared for their little princesses. I hurt for the mothers
who would lift their heads at every little sound, in an endless hope that their
daughters would suddenly walk into their home and into their waiting arms. I hurt
for the mothers whose restless minds have driven them into a state of stupor,
lest untold imaginations of what their girls might be going through drive them
crazy. I hurt for the mothers who, unlike me, did not have the privilege of
holding their daughters in their arms that morning, and even up till today. I watched
my husband hug and kiss his daughter, singing a happy birthday song to his
princess and my heart bled afresh for the fathers who are also caught in a web
of helplessness. My heart bled for the fathers who have daily had to look into
the blank stares of anguish from their wives and children, even while they
themselves contend with the overwhelming numbness, grief and yes …fear that
they feel.

and groups all around the world have been and continue to cry ‘Bring back our
girls’. As I held my daughter in my arms on that morning of her birthday, a new
reality dawned on me in a major way. True, I have been incredibly distraught
since the news of the kidnappings of these girls broke. True, I have cried an
endless stream of tears. True, my heart has literally hurt continuously from
that day and even until now. But as I held my baby-girl that morning, it was
clearer to me than ever before that compared to the parents of those young
girls, none of us has an inkling of what the word ‘pain’ really means. None of
us has really and truly understood what it means to cry; none of us has really
and truly understood the full weight of their grief; none of us has even the
tiniest bit of understanding of the depth of their fears, or the enveloping sense
of hopelessness that each additional day without their angels bring. We are all
speaking with one voice and demanding ‘Bring back our girls’ …. But we truly don’t
even know how real and how heavy that cry is on the hearts, minds, and lips of
their parents. 

my daughter had left for school, I stared endlessly at one photograph of these
kidnapped girls, covered from head to toe in muslim gear, sitted in a
half-circle in what seemed to be an open field. I found myself trying to
imagine what would be on the hearts and minds of these helpless little ones as
they sat there. I imagined how much they would weep for the loving arms of
their mothers and fathers. I imagined them daily trying to grasp the reality of
being plucked out of the familiar and comfortable, and being thrust into the
unknown and the uncertain. My heart constricted and continues to constrict in
fear and pain at the thought that they might be subjected to untold forms of
abuse – sexual and otherwise. My heart has been weeping for the loss of their
innocence and youth. My heart has been weeping at the sheer magnitude of evil
that this act represents.

has been over a month now and we continue to cry, yet see no results. But, our
hope is still strong. Our faith does not dwindle. The way the world has risen
up in unity on this issue tells me that there is so much more to why God has
allowed this to happen than we will ever readily clearly see. And God hears our
prayers sis. He really and truly does. These young girls are not lost to Him,
No! He sees them, He knows exactly where they are, and He is more than able to
bring beauty out of the really dark ashes that this experience presents in
their lives and in the lives of their families. These are the last days that we
are living in, and the Bible is very clear on the things we expect to see in
the last days. But the Word of God also lets us know clearly that darkness will
never overcome the light. All that is happening is because God allows it for
purposes that are beyond our understanding and reasoning – for His thoughts are
higher than our thoughts, and His ways are higher than our ways; because He is
God and we can never comprehend Him fully. What we can do though sis, is to stand
on His Word that clearly tells us that He is able to work ALL things out for the
good of those that love Him and who are called according to His purpose.

even as my heart hurts sis, even as I daily struggle with the emotional
devastation  these girls and their
families must face daily, I choose to stay in the place of faith and trust in
God to bring about their release, and to use this entire debacle to draw these
families and others around the world closer to Him. I choose to trust God to
use this experience to show forth His glory, majesty and power here on the
earth. I choose to stay in prayer for these families, for Nigeria, and for the
nations of the world, and declare that regardless of all the evil that is noised
about on all media channels, light will prevail. I choose to cling to God even
through the trials of the day and declare that it will all end in praise for
those of us who have elected for Him to be an anchor for our souls. I choose not
to be discouraged and not to play into the hands of the enemy. I choose not to
allow him defeat my spirit or cripple my heart in fear. I choose to declare
that the glorious light of God shines in my every darkness, and that His light
overcomes in every situation.

I bless you for every prayer you have prayed for these little ones. The Lord
has seen and He has heard, and He will remember you for good in the day of your
tribulation. Today, I leave you with a reminder that you keep your head held
high, no matter what. I ask you to refuse to be bent or broken sis, and that
you remember that when God said ‘Let there be light’, there was light. He is
the One that speaks and it is done remember? He is the One that commands and it
stands fast! He is the One that has said He will cause us to trample our
enemies underfoot right? Sis, I decree and declare that no matter what
situation is dark in your life now, as you stand strong and invite the Lord into
it, the brilliance of His everlasting light will overcome for you in every
area, in Jesus name. Don’t lose faith sis! Don’t allow yourself be discouraged!
We win sis… no matter how the enemy presents, we win! Please don’t ever forget
that. If you allow me, I will hold you accountable to this, even as I trust and
pray that you will hold me accountable to this walk of faith also. The Lord
will help you sis, He will help me!

blessed sis….. for you surely are!

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