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Love Beyond Measure

By December 10th, 2012Uncategorized9 min read
I was watching an episode of ‘America’s Got Talent’ a couple of days ago. I absolutely love that show. From the quirky ‘I can’t watch this’ displays; the crazy young lady in pink who faked a talent jut to get to meet Howard Stern; to other really great talents that get to feature; the show makes for interesting light entertainment to my tired self at the end of a long day.
An act was introduced – a young lady whose name I really do not recollect save for the fact that she is the daughter of late Florence Joyner (Flo Jo) and Al Joyner, both of whom made remarkable strides in competitive track and field events, nationally and internationally. Ms Joyner came on stage to perform a song, her dad anxiously hovering at the edge of the stage. She dedicated her performance to her late mum, and then proceeded to give a beautiful rendition of the song she had prepared for her audition. It truly felt like a touch of heaven in that auditorium as she sang. Indeed her mum would have been proud.
As Ms. Joyner sang, the camera moved over to where her dad stood. His trepidation before she started to sing was apparent. He was clearly anxious for her. He knew without a shadow of a doubt, just how important the next few minutes were for her. He had held her hand and walked her through hours of practice all leading up to this stage. As she began to sing, the camera held his gaze. His love for her, the pride he felt was palpable. Watching him, my own heart swelled with emotion. I watched as his eyes slowly brimmed with tears. He made no attempt to wipe them as they spilled over. This was his baby, his little angel… having a moment that could change her life forever; and boy was she doing a great job in the spotlight.
 At the end of her audition, the judges had asked her how she felt and she said she wished more than anything else that her mother could have been alive to see her on stage, but she’d felt her presence and knew that her mother was really proud of her at that moment. The judges invited her father on stage and in the ensuing moments, through his tears he spoke glowingly and lovingly about his daughter. Back stage he kept holding her and hugging her through more of his tears. So much love was evident between these two, I tell you that.
There was many a teary eye in my room that evening as my family and I watched this program. I looked over at my only daughter, who sat slightly ahead of me. I had a moment when I saw her on that stage, wishing I had been there to see her in her spotlight. Immediately, I choked up and silent tears began to stream down my face. As I struggled with my heaving chest and the raw pain in my heart, I begged God silently for mercy and favor to allow me see my children grow into mature adults. I was grateful for my family being engrossed in the next act that had come on, because I didn’t want to traumatize my children with my many tears. It took everything in me to gain composure enough to silently speak life into myself and declare according to His Word, that I would live and not die; that I would live to see my children’s children; that I would live to a ripe old age still bringing forth fruits. I reminded myself that my life and times are in the hands of the Lord and that even if He calls me early, He would be father and mother to my children; and He is more than able to look after my children and ensure they still live in His divine abundance and protection.
I have been thinking about the depth of emotion I went through in those few minutes that day, simply thinking about how much love I have for each of my children. I kept seeing the love on Al Joyner’s face and it so resonated with my feelings. And then the Lord ministered to me that even the deepest depths of the love I have for my children does not begin to scratch the surface of the love He has for His children…. the love He has for me, and for you sis! He spoke to me spirit and let me know that if I had even an inkling of how much love He had for me….  if I could get a glimpse of the full depth of His love…. my heart would simply and literally explode in overwhelm. I didn’t need to ask ‘How can this be Lord?’ No! I didn’t need to ask. This quiet ministration brought to me what is the most clarity I have ever received about the love of God towards me, towards you sis.
I have been walking around in a renewed awe of God’s love and of His mercy since that evening, a continuous stream of prayers and praise, worship and thanksgiving on my lips. Share with me in this praise sis. He is surely worthy of all our praise.  

Father, I thank You for Your love for me and for mine. Lord, I thank You because despite my shortcomings, my inconsistencies, my failings, my unfaithfulness, my ingratitude, my selfishness… thank You that despite all these, You love me Lord! You love me beyond my comprehension. Thank You Father because it is in this love that You called me and saved me and gave me the right and privilege to call You ‘Father’ and ‘Lord’. Thank You Lord that You are always with me; that even when I stray, You are always right here by my side. Thank You that nothing I do can ever diminish Your love for me. Father, thank You that You counted me worthy oh Lord. Thank You for choosing me Lord, for setting me apart.

Father, I thank You because of Your mercies upon my life. I thank You for seen mercies for which I have testified. More than this Lord I thank You for Your unseen mercies. I thank You for Your unmerited favor. I thank You for deliverance. I thank You for healing. I thank You Lord for provision. I thank You Lord because even in my storms, You have shown yourself strong. Father, I thank You for my children, biological and otherwise. Thank You Lord allowing me to know the joy of being a parent; thank You for allowing me experience the love of, and for children. Thank You Father for the great people You have put in my life and who have brought me so much stability over the years. Father, thank You for the love of a great man! Father, I thank You for so much love and peace in my home. Father,  thank You for strength to carry through and to overcome every adverse situation. Thank You for the things You have brought me through Lord.

Father thank You that I am the apple of Your eye. Thank You for loving me enough to send Your son to die for me. Thank You because in Him I have the assurance of my eternal salvation. Thank You because I have a hope and an expectation to be with You in heaven,  Lord….. not by my works, my goodness or of any righteousness; but by Your love beyond measure, oh Lord. Father, I am so grateful. Father, I thank You. Everything that is in me gives You all the praise, oh Lord. In Jesus mighty name, Amen.

Sis, I want to speak a word of encouragement to you today. I ask that you take a good look at your life. Look beyond the apparent challenges you have or think you have. Look at the things that you are allowing or have allowed to hold you down, to steal your peace. Then look up to the Father….. Can you see it? Look up sis at a love the depth of which you cannot begin to fathom. Look up and know that He loves you so much that He will ensure that everything works out eventually for your good. He loves you as you are sis – imperfections and all. He loves you completely and totally and there’s nothing you can do to take away from this truth. 
Beyond what any earthly parent, spouse, child, sibling or friend can do; the Lord will stand by you. He is the one you can always run to. He is the one Who will always walk you through. Keep your eyes fixed on Him sis. He knows the things that are important to you. He will hold your hand; He will guide you through. And when you hit your spotlight…. when you are set to conquer your stage, He will be there watching you with pride. He will give you every support to ensure an excellent performance. And in the end, He will say to you, ‘Well done my good and perfect daughter’.
Submit to His love once again today sis. Let His love beyond measure be the center of your everything, and your all. The Lord will help you sis. He will help me!
Be blessed…. For you surely are!


  • Sweet sis,

    A wonderfully uplifting and eloquent post. I remember looking at my daughter during the first few weeks of her life and thinking " is she really mine?" I know that i would literally die for her and that doesn't even begin to scratch the surface of God's love for us.

    I think the root of many of our challenges is that we really don't comprehend the magnitude of God's love for us, at a heart level. We're taught it, we say it, but i don't think we actually believe it. If we did, we would never waste our time holding a grudge, living in unforgiveness. We would know that our Father is more than able to take care of us and bring us out on top.

    Truly a blessing this week.

    Much love

  • Unknown says:

    this is touching my wife must read this. we human always complained of some many things that we have not, instead of thanking God for all he has done for us.

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