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Scent of Water

By November 25th, 2014Uncategorized12 min read
“For there is yet hope for a tree
that is cut own, that it will sprout again. Though its roots grow old and its
stock dies in the ground. Yet at the scent and breathing of water, it will bud
and bring forth stems like a young plant” – Job 14 v 7 – 9

I simply love this Scripture! It speaks
volumes to me about life. It is applicable in any situation and in any
circumstance, and it is a reflection of the omnipotence, love and mercy of God.
It is for me a major slice of the ‘hope’ pie. It is an encouragement from heaven
above. It is a portion of Scripture which if we hold on to with tenacity, will
help us navigate the tough seasons in our lives very successfully.
As I pondered about just how long
I have been away from this forum, reading through a couple of half-written or
near-completed posts which interruptions did not allow me finish; these verses
in Job 14 ministered to me afresh. The Scripture fit even as relates to my
commitment to growing with you on this forum, sis. Indeed, with my many
responsibilities and engagements and travels, my writing was becoming a kind of
‘tree cut down’ situation. Best of intentions aside, I have really just been
pressed down on every side such that at those times that I have even had a
spare moment, I would find myself too tired to think. Ever been in those
situations where your brain refuses to cooperate with you? Those times when you
are staring at a book but can’t see the words on the pages? Those times when
you are staring at your computer screen or your notebook, but you can’t see it
much less articulate the words you want to type or pen? Those times when you
find yourself staring at the television screen without actually seeing or
hearing anything? Well, seems like I have been in those spaces more often than
not over the past few weeks, lol. It is so well with me and us all, in Jesus
In recent times, I have found
myself speaking on various platforms which curiously were all themed around the
journey from your dreams to reality. One common thread in all these discussions
was the fact that so many people are carrying dreams within them that they have
no idea how to birth; or for which they lack the resources  – time, money, materials, required to birth
the dream. I came across so many people who were frustrated because they had
tried one thing or the other which had failed, or which they just didn’t seem
to be able to progress past some initial stage. More interestingly though, I came
across quite a lot of people who felt that the time or season for the dreams
they once had had long since passed, and this really saddened me.
I guess that generally speaking,
we can all agree that there are things we wish we had done when we were
younger; stronger; had some money at hand; were single; became a parent; had
lesser responsibilities; lived in a certain area; had access to a certain
person; etc etc. This is true of all of us, generally speaking. However, methinks
that when we begin to look at specifics, this would not be an argument that would
hold water for everyone. Truth as I see it is that more often than not, it’s a fear
factor that is playing out. And sadly, a lot of the time, it is fear about what
people will say when we set out on a journey to achieve our dreams in the first
place; followed by a fear of what they will say if we fail; and strangely
enough, sometimes a fear of what people will say when we succeed.
I also think that sometimes it is
easier to hide under the guise of the many reasons why we can’t progress our
dreams than it is to admit to ourselves that whatever excuse we have drummed
up, no matter how ‘logical’ it appears, is actually a cover for what we truly know is
laziness – pure and simple. I mean we are busy enough already and thinking about that next thing can be tiring nes’t pas?Nothing good comes easy – we know this. In knowing
this, it is usually abundantly clear to us that moving forward towards our
dreams requires effort, and already we sometimes feel we need 36 hours in a day, right? But hey,
let’s call a spade a spade, sis. All around the world we hear of people who
decided to get a degree at the age of 70 or 80 years. Most recently we had a
96-year old finish his high-school diploma. We hear about people who started a
new career in an area they are passionate about, when they are well past the
prime of their lives. So really, not pursuing your dream is not about how old
you are. People walk out of high-profile well-paying jobs to go apply
themselves to something totally unrelated that they have always dreamed of
doing. And then there are those people  who stay in their intense jobs and just push themselves
that little bit more so they can progress their passions. So no, it’s not about
having a job, or being too busy. No ma’am. No!
Not to take away from the weight and reality of the challenges we sometimes face, but largely for whichever category of excuse
any one has used to hold themselves back, there are numerous counter examples
of people in the exact same situations that still do remarkable things out of
their innate passions. And you and I know that those kinds of people are
certainly happier for it. Nothing beats waking up each morning and being
excited about the rest of your day. Nothing beats living your passion every day
of your life. Not only is this completely fulfilling to you, but you impact
lives around you so much more positively without really having to give it a
thought. This sounds to me more like the abundant life the Lord has called us
to live doesn’t it? Sounds like it is worth that extra effort doesn’t it?
I believe sis, that if you and I can look past all the seeming obstacles and convenient excuses for not walking
into our dreams, we will surprise ourselves with what we are able to achieve;
and we will certainly be happier people all-round. Dare I say that when we commit to our passions, then even when we find life pressing us in enough
directions as to keep us away from those things which for us are purposeful and
in which we find much joy; we will nonetheless find it easier to get back up
again and continue to press forward. This is my experience and testimony, and this is why I resolutely keep coming back to the place of my gifting. I refuse to give up sis! Don’t you give up either. 
Dare I say sis, that you need to
recognize that in the first place it is the God that you serve that has put the
dreams in your heart, and that He has put them there because they serve a
purpose in the scheme of things for the Kingdom? Dare I say that God is placing
a fresh demand on you today to look again at the things He has put as a seed in
your heart, and which He wants you to nurture and grow? Dare I say that
nurturing requires time and effort, and that there is a sweating to it, but
that it ends in joy when the tree begins to sprout? Dare I say sis, that we
need to take our focus off what men will think and rather look up to the One
Who is holding us accountable to deliver on His mandates? Dare I point out that
if we fail to move forward in our assignments, He will move past us and raise stones to fulfill
purpose? Dare I say that living a life that is fully pleasing to God also
places a demand on us to be obedient to His call in every area of our lives? Dare
I point out that obedience demands some sacrifice and that perhaps you need to
look at what area of your life you have to make adjustments in, in order to
deliver on your dreams?
Sis, it’s not too late and you
are not too old or too busy, or too whatever has been the reason that has held
you back so far. You are NOT, sis! What you are is well able! What you are is
gifted! What you are is resourced! What you are is empowered! What you are is
graced! The God Who is your Father does not put a dream in your heart without providing
the resources to bring them to pass. All He asks is that you act on the dream
and watch Him magnify your efforts. Your dreams are about more than you, sis. The
call on your life is ‘blessed to be a blessing’ and this is a call that clearly
transcends self. You need to take up the mantle and run with it, sis. You will
be amazed at the number of people whose life and ministry is dependent on you
going that extra mile. The Lord Who is your Strength and Provider will help and
see you through as long as you purpose to do the work. And He will strengthen you
too, sis. He will!
I am so passionate about my ministry.
It is not easy to do the things I do in addition to the things I do, and those
of you who know me personally can attest to this. But I am committed, and I am
leaning solely on the Lord for strength, for inspiration, for provision, for
wisdom, for clarity, for help. He is my ‘scent of water’ and each time it feels
like my tree is dying, He it is that revives that which is in me again. He is my
confidence that no matter how many times I slow down, I will get back up again.
He is the confidence I have that busy as I get, I will follow through on this
platform; I will still write the books He has laid on my heart to write; I will
still do the conferences and events He has laid on my heart to do; I will still minister His word in the ways that He has assigned for me to do; I will still
fulfill the dreams He has put in my heart. He is my stay and firm foundation. He
is my inspiration. He is my assurance that my dreams will continue to bud and
bring forth stems like young plants, and that my life shall indeed be a
blessing unto generations as He has purposed. Yes sis, our father and God is my living water and His scent alone restores me. 
Can I encourage you today to be
still for a few minutes and take in the Scent of His mighty Water ,sis? Allow
the Lord speak to you and bring to your remembrance those things you have almost or
completely given up on. Can you be still and let Him assure you afresh that you
are well able; that He is holding you firmly by His right hand, that He will help
you? Can you breathe in the scent of God’s water today afresh sis, and let
your tree stumps receive His life and light once again? Lean on Him ,sis. There
is nothing you cannot do through, with and in Him. I pray that you will receive
the boldness to start again, sis. I look forward to your testimony of
fruitfulness in your passions. The Lord will help you sis, as surely as He is
helping me.
Be blessed sis…. for you surely

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