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Sister power !

By January 20th, 2012Uncategorized7 min read

As we approached the gates of the guest house that
was to be our home for the next week, I again wondered to myself what to expect
from my time in South Africa. God was silent, but I somehow sensed that He had
a smile on His lips. How right I turned out to be. From His favour on the
in-bound flight, to the incredible outpouring of His Spirit while we were
there, and even up till I entered the embrace of my children back home in Lagos;
God smiled on me continually. Wow!

My sista
and fellow traveller Bidemi Mark-Mordi and I, first exclaimed at the sight of
the huge grey dog that bounded out towards the car (His name is Jack and he
turned out to be pretty harmless, belying his size). And then an angel
appeared… She wore a white robe and the warmest smile ever. Immediately she
enveloped us in a hug that was pure love. I tell you girl, deep sure called
unto deep. Thank you Linda Wallace!  I thank you for opening your heart to us ever
before we got there. The warmth of that first embrace mirrored the pure love
that is in your heart and the genuineness of who you are. I love you sisi.

Coach Anna McCoy         Linda Wallace
        (Woman Act Now)   (A Company of Women)

When Coach
Anna McCoy
joined us a little later, more love wrapped itself around us. Coach
Anna continues to astound me with her ability to continually give of herself in
love. Every time I am in her presence it is clear that she is ‘mindful’ of me, that she ‘sees’ me and her every thought is how
she can add value to me. I love you Anna McCoy.
So, here we were with two awesome, amazing, highly successful,
beautiful women, whose focus is not their wealth, beauty, success, reputation….
No! They are just two women who have an awesome, authentic heart for God, a
burning passion to walk out their purpose, and to bring as many others as they
can to understand and experience the love walk that God has called us to.

Indeed, I salute you Anna McCoy and Linda Wallace. I
love you and I am blessed and highly favoured to be your sister and friend. Over
the past few days, we bonded at all levels. We laughed, we cried, we prayed, we
went on an ‘adventure’ (errrr….we got very lost actually, lol), we learnt
from and just loved on each other. Awesome!

Am I boring you? Sorry sis. I know however that my
new found soul sisters in SA will understand what I am talking about. I encourage
you to google Coach Anna McCoy (Woman Act Now) and Linda Wallace (A Company of
Women). You need to have these kinds of women in your life. These women are my
friends; my mentors, they are my spiritual guides; they are my teachers…..
they are my SISTERS! And this is really what I would like us to think about
Anna McCoy,Me Apostle Sithole, Linda Wallace, Bidemi

While in SA, I had the privilege to meet and love
on some awesome beautiful women of God. There was Lona Twala, Rose Mathebula, Mama
Sibonghile Sithole, Bokang Moatlhhodi, Nelissa Petse, Bongiwe Mnyande, Tutu, Jane, Johanna, Kosi
and so many wonderful ladies that made such a phenomenal impact on me. (Okay
lets be fair. I also met some great men of God: Apostle I. Sithole, Mubita
Nawa, Pastor Lucky and our very own handyman

We had lots of women from my generation, some older
women and a crop of young ladies from the next generation. We truly represented
the nations (USA, Nigeria, South Africa, Zambia) and the generations. One thing
that stood out though, was the spirit of oneness that shined through. We were
all and each of us…’Woman’  period!

We were all sisters with the same kinds of dreams
and aspirations. We each shared the same kinds of challenges. We each just
needed someone to truly see us and to love us the way we are. We each needed
someone to see our dreams, believe in us and speak words of affirmation over
us. We each needed someone who would not judge us based on our
hair/nails/clothes/accessories/social status, etc. We each needed someone who we
could honestly share our fears with, and hear them say ‘it’s okay’. We each
needed someone we could cry with from the heart, releasing our hurts openly and
sharing words and prayers for healing to take place. We each needed someone to
not just hear us, but to actually listen to us (as Coach Anna would say…
someone who would be ‘fully present’). We needed someone to encourage us and
speak life/favour and grace over us. We needed someone to assure us that no
matter how far we still need to grow in God, we are on the right track. 

Women Acting in their NOW!
Yup! We
each needed to feel the love of a sister, one of our own kind, a deep that
could readily relate to our deep. 
The chords of love and unity that flowed from these
encounters clearly made its mark on each of us and will not readily be broken. We
stood as women, as sisters and in one accord we pulled down the power of God. I
am excited and expectant for the manifestations that will soon follow from the
powerful prophetic words and prayers that came forth over the lives of each of

My take from all this experience? When I count my
blessings going forward, I must acknowledge that God, in His infinite love for
me, has placed special women in my life that will hold my hand in this walk to
fulfil my purpose. I am reminded that there is nothing like a chance encounter,
but that God truly is always ahead of me. I am convinced that my angels are on assignment,
ordering the steps of the great women that will midwife my destiny, to put them
in my path.

I am reminded that I also need to stand in the gap
for my fellow women; that everything God has blessed me with is to be used to
build up those He brings into my life. I am reminded that love does make the world go round and my love
walk with my sisters will bring glory to God. I am reminded that as a woman, I
am a nation-builder, an example and an influence unto generations. I am
reminded that I’m all woman, and that everything 
I need to make a
difference in the life of the next person, is already in me.

Think about whom YOU are, my sister and my friend. Look
out for those who are in your space to build you up; but also look out for
those who you are positioned, and well able to build up. Bring these two chords
together with a third – the power of the Holy Spirit, and just see what God is
able to use you to do. Remember that with God, YOU shall do valiantly. You are called to live a life of purpose, and you will 
fulfil your purpose… for your life, and in the life of your fellow woman. You have the power sis. You surely do!

Be blessed…. because you are.


  • SistarB says:

    I was there and somehow words fail to capture the essence of this special time. Indeed, we need each other.

  • Amazing! I love it. I too shall be forever changed.

  • Unknown says:

    Hmm sis, deep and on point! It is said dt women are their own worst enemies but if we let go of the little foxes dt divide us and harness the power of the Holy Spirit resident in us as one, there would be no limit to what can achieve. Thanks for sharing this and indeed, we do need great mentors of our own ilk to show us the way. This blessed me. Was this like a women's program or a training?

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