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Stay rooted

By September 1st, 2023Uncategorized7 min read

Hey Sis,
It’s been an intense season of joy
for me over the past 2 weeks. I barely paid mind to the intensity of the
traveling across three different countries in the space of 10 days, because every
moment and purpose for each trip was so beautiful in itself. Thank You Jesus! I
give the glory to God alone, sis…. for the graduation of my first son from
University, for the gift of time out with my sisters to commemorate my sister’s
50th birthday, for being able to spend time with my nephew Eli… my little warrior-man
who has been in hospital for over a year from the day he was born, for the graduation
of my youngest son from secondary school, and for having all my children home
together at the same time and for the first time in over two years. It’s FULL
HOUSE, babes and I am simply loving it! My
joy is full, sis. Oh yes, it sure is!

The events of the past few days have had me on a reflective trajectory
about graduation, about the stages and phases of our lives. While graduation is
a marker for finishing, it is also is statement of the fact that you came in,
that you went through (process)…and that you made it to the end, and in the
end.  Process…this is the bedrock of life
isn’t it, sis? That everything is a process. Graduation means that you went made
it through the rigor of process. Process speaks to times of intensity, of up’s
and downs. Process speaks to the forging of new relationships, the
remaking/shifting/reshaping and sometimes breakdown of old ones. Process speaks
to growing, maturing, learning/unlearning/relearning. Process speaks to
breaking or being broken, to mending and being mended. It speaks to right steps
as much as it speaks to mistakes and missteps. It speaks to stretching and
being stretched.
At any point in time sis, we are either
about to enter process, are right in the process, or just coming out of it. But
you know what sis? Process is a continuum! It never ends. You just move from
one phase or thing into the next…and sometimes many at the same time, for good
or otherwise. As much as my sons have made it through university and secondary
school respectively, each of them is now in the immediate process of their ‘next’.
Sure, they will have some time to ‘exhale’ for a bit…but they must move into
their next seasons. Life doesn’t give you those endless breathers sis, it sure doesn’t.
If you recall, I’ve shared with
you the fact that the Lord spoke to me early this year about “the process of
the journey
” …about the need to maintain the right perspective and embrace my
processes so that I am able to emerge stronger and better at the other end,
regardless of how difficult the journey might have been. Perspective is
everything in the process of the journey, sis. Once you have the right perspective,
it helps you stay rooted, grounded, to stand firm in the process knowing that
ultimately you win.
And he will
be like a tree firmly planted [and fed] by
streams of water, Which yields its fruit in its season; Its leaf does not
wither; And in whatever he does, he prospers [and comes to maturity]
  – Psalm 1:3 (Amp)

“For he will be [nourished] like a tree planted
by the waters, That spreads out its roots by the river; And will not fear
the heat when it comes; But its leaves will be green amidst  And it will
not be anxious and concerned in a year of drought nor stop
bearing fruit – Jeremiah 17:8

I love these scripture verses. They remind me that I must stay rooted to my Source,
my God and Father. They remind me that my roots must go down deep in an
absolute conviction that He is working all things out for my good in accordance
with His infallible Word…. that in this position, I will never lack nourishment,
that every one of my processes will bring me to a place of prosperity and
maturity. These scriptures remind me that regardless of the vagaries of life, the
intensity of my seasons, that I may bend but I will never break… that I will
always win, by the power of God! 

Getting to where every single one
of my children has finished secondary school at one end and are already beginning
to leave university at the other, has not been a walk in the park, sis. There were
oh so many times of prayer and fasting, times when I lived on my knees in
prayer, times when I stared fees in the face and wondered how on earth we’d
pull this one off, heart-rending moments in hospital… so much, sis. But it has
all come to maturity, sis. Fruit has come forth in its season! We have all prospered,
and the Lord Himself takes all the glory. Going through…the process of the
journey wasn’t easy, sis but we’ve made it and so will you!
Today the Lord is asking me to
remind you that He waters us Himself, that He holds our hands through it all. He
asks me to remind you that you need to allow your roots go deep enough to
always drink of Him, no matter how dry the season. He is asking you to look
past your difficulties and stand firm in Him. He is asking me to remind you
that if you stand firm, you will we see the markers His faithfulness through
the journey. He is asking me to remind you that in Him, all things ultimately prosper
and come to maturity. He is asking me to assure you that as you stay rooted,
you graduate sis…in every instance, you win in the end!

Sis, life can be hard, I know. But
He Who holds all power carries us. He is our Source and our Strength…and He
asks that we lean totally and completely on Him. All He asks in return is
intimacy with us, sis. Our roots going deeper is about increased intimacy. This
has been His clarion call to us for quite a while now. Come to the Water! Get
planted! Stay planted! Dig deeper! Press in! Give Him time! Give Him more of
you! Stand firm in Him! Stay rooted! Once this is our heart stance, our
spiritual commitment, we graduate with honors sis, no matter what!
Sis, I pray that you allow this
world to sink deep in your spirit, that you allow the Holy Spirit clarify it
for you Himself, that you open yourself to Him showing you where you need deeper
roots and how best you can stay grounded through your trials. Yes sis, my daily
prayer is that you allow the Lord to guide you into all things, into all truth,
into every victory….. even as surely as He is daily leading and guiding me.

Be blessed sis… for you surely are!

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