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There’s always light

By October 1st, 2014Uncategorized14 min read
Yes, I’m still here sis. I know
it’s been another long hiatus from this page, a full month actually, but yours
truly is still right here with you. If you have followed my last few posts, two
big things should have hit you – first is that life happens and sometimes our
best laid plans aren’t able to play out the way we plan (of one mine being a
plan to go back to blogging every week); and secondly, the fact that life
happening regardless, we must be relentless in delivering on our mandates – and
so regardless of how many weeks it takes me to deal with ‘life’ as it happens, I
will keep coming back. I will be relentless in fulfilling my assignment to grow
with you on this very same journey of life.
I so wish I could share with you
some of the many interesting things I have been dealing with over the past
month, but that would be a book and not a blog post, lol. Besides, that is not
the word I have for you today. And I have to be obedient to share what the Lord
has shown me this morning right?
So, a couple of days ago, the
Lord asked me to go back to study of the book of Genesis. Genesis? I asked
because He had given me this same assignment very early this year, and from the
things He showed me then, He had also given me a title for a book I am to
write. Life has happened to me enough so that I actually haven’t made much
progress with this assignment, but I have shared the book title with my
precious sista, Editor and Publisher Bidemi
and I had started to record my first notes a few months back. There was a time
when I would have patted myself on the back for at least making a move, but hey…
that was too many months ago to still be basking in that particular glow.  That said, God obviously still has His way of
using our procrastination’s and failings to birth the things that He has
purposed and He continues to make this clear to me in my life, as I pray He
does in yours.
As I got the Word to go back to
Genesis once again, I will confess I went through one of those ‘Lord, is this really you?’ type moments. But you know girl, I
could almost see our Father shake His head at me in mock exasperation, saying ‘You know My voice, Audrey. Get to it’. So,
I obeyed and I am so glad I did because He is showing me new things, and they
are revelations that are such a word in due season for me, as I pray those I am
led to share on this forum will be to you too (and as I pray the book will be
to every reader eventually).
Sometimes we read Scripture and
we miss things that have been readily evident to many others for so long. Today
for instance, I saw for the first time, that the very same principle on which
God called forth vegetation to reproduce from the seed that He had already put
within them, and according to their own kind and in their own likeness(Gen 1 v
11-12); is actually the very same principle by which He created man. Simply put…
God, in speaking the creation of man into being, was in essence calling for the
seed that was already in Him (our Spirit man) to come forth out of Him, in His
image and according to His likeness. Somehow, I had never really seen this and I
truly can’t recall anyone having made the connection for me before.  Many things were laid on my heart as this
simple connection was made, but suffice to say that for today, my only
assignment to you from this is to lay a foundation by reminding you that our
God is a God of Principle! And…. if you and I would submit to His principles, we
will live much more purposeful and fulfilled lives here on earth.
As I got to verse 13 of Genesis
1, I found myself asking a question I had never thought to ask before. ‘Why didn’t God simply make everything in
one day?’
I mean really sis, why? It’s not that He wasn’t able to. Indeed,
our God could have created everything He created in those 6 days in a single
day or even in a moment. I pondered on this a bit and the Spirit of God said to
me that it is because our God is a Master Builder; an excellent craftsman; because
in building with excellence, everything has its own time, purpose and season; because
process is critical to building, and because ‘Process’ is a key principle in
God’s Kingdom.
Sis, the Lord reminded me that there
is actually a fullness to be experienced in every phase of the building process…if
we would only open our eyes to see it! At the end of every ‘Let there be…and there was’ period of creation, God looked
at what He had done, approved of it and then basked in its goodness for that
day. He knew (because He knows all things) that He was not done yet, that there
was not yet a completion. But He didn’t sit around fretting about what was as
yet not done. No! Rather He stayed, He remained, and He basked in the goodness
of that day. When the time came, He then spoke to the new season, birthed
something new, and again repeated the cycle.  So what does this mean? Sis, you and I need to
realize that our lives are not over yet, so we need to learn to rest in each
season. There is a reason greater than you and I could ever really and truly
know for the methodology and order in which God does His own things. But there
are some principles (that word again) that make clear that He is in every
minute detail of every creation process – including the birthing of every
single day, phase or season of our lives.
I found myself looking more
deeply than ever before at the methodology of creation and seeing for the first
time that there were principles that guided what God created in which order. Again,
very simple things that perhaps some great scholars have written and taught for
years, but my eyes were just opened to this, and there must be a reason. I saw
for the first time for instance, that God created the land and the seas first
because quite obviously (I can say that now) vegetation needs to be anchored to
the ground and feed on nutrients from within the soil, and it also needs to be
watered so that it stays fresh, survives and flourishes. Speaking of
principles, does this kind of remind you about how we only find that sense of
true joy and completeness when we are firmly anchored in and on the Lord who is
our Firm Foundation, and how the Spirit of God in us waters and refreshes our
souls so that we can really and truly live and flourish? Principle, sis! Principle!
The Lord re-established to me that
there are things He first brings into our lives because they are the very
things that will nourish us and build our muscles for the next levels in our
lives. Each of us must go through a ‘morning
and an evening’
in order to reach the fulfillment of the ‘day’. It is the phases we are in that
are the foundation to help us stand when God adds the next floor on the
building that is our lives. And no sis, it does not follow that where we are at
any one point in our lives will always be good. One of the things God showed me
last week was that when He created light and ‘saw that it was good’ (Gen 1 v 4), He didn’t destroy darkness. And He
could have, couldn’t He? He could have said ‘Light
is really great, let there be no darkness’
and that is exactly what would have
happened and you and I would know no better today. But He rather allowed the
darkness to continue to exist alongside the light. What this spoke to me is
that in the grand scheme of it, God is light… and that He allowed darkness to
coexist with light because darkness has a purpose that He alone sees and understands.
I was pondering on this when suddenly
my attention was caught by two Scriptures that lay practically side-by-side on
the same page in my Bible (Gen 1 v 4 and Gen 1 v 14). God had already clearly
separated light and darkness into Day and Night (v4-5), so why did He still go
ahead and create the ‘lights in the
to still further separate the day from night? Wouldn’t mankind have
known the difference between day and night simply because one was light and the
other was darkness? Later on in that verse it speaks to God having done this to
provide us with signs and tokens of His care and provision, as well as to mark
seasons, days and years. But something else was spoken to my heart. Sis, the
word of God to you today is that this further creation of lights and evident
signs of separation of day and night, is a type and shadow of the fact that
only God sees the big picture of your life and He has sorted you out
completely. Only God sees through and understands darkness and light at the
same time, sis. He wasn’t referring to day and night in that context, He was
referring to the seasons you and I have gone and will go through as He builds our
life into that beautiful image He has of us in the end. This passage wasn’t about
the physical day or night sis. After all, when we are in our seasons of trial,
the challenges are with us day and night for days, weeks or months on end. No, it’s
so much more than that!
His word to you today is that He
will never fail to give you a token or a sign that will help you know that – no
matter the weight of the day you are in, He is with you; He loves you; and He
will hold your hand and walk you through till you see the light that is
actually already there. And there is light sis! There is! This word is to help
you see this, sis. God knew that if He simply left things at the first
separation in Gen 1 v4, our inner man would give up very readily on the measure
of faith He has already put in us through the Holy Spirit. We would give up because
our physical eyes might not be able to see anything in our current
circumstances to validate that faith, and the level of doubts and fears we would
then allow in the physical would completely becloud that inner light. Knowing
this, our God Who loves us beyond measure constantly puts testimonies (signs
and tokens) in our lives just so we know. Just so we know sis, that the Master
Builder has not given up on us; that hard as it might be, this season is for a
reason; that we are being built up and perfected in our seasons of darkness;
and that light surely will comes…for our God is light… in every situation. He
is the light that is our victory! He is the light that dispels every darkness
around us! He is the light that illuminates us, making us shine brighter and
brighter, until the coming of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
There is just one proviso though,
sis….and this is that we have to keep looking up to Him alone! In Gen 1 v
16-17, God created the two great lights and set them in the expanse of the
heavens. Why? Why couldn’t He have made it such that light would emanate from
the dust of the ground or the leaves of trees at night? Or why did He not set
the sun, moon and starts to shine from deep within the core of the earth? If He
had done that it wouldn’t have been strange to us because that is all we would
ever have known to be normal. But it’s about principle once again sis. God set
the lights in the heavens because He is our Father in heaven and because He is
He set them up there because He wants us to always look up to
the light (to Him), regardless of whether it is day or night! God wants us to
look up to Him so that we learn to rest in whatever season we are in, knowing
that the One Who is light Himself is very much in control; that He is building
us up for greater testimonies ahead.  
Sis, I see this as a secret to a
successful, contented, spirit-led life that will bless us and glorify God. Do you
see what I see? I don’t know what your ‘day’ or ‘night’ looks like now, my
sister and friend. I truly have no idea what season you are in. But, God wants
you to know today that there is always light! He is always your light and He
will take you into His rest now if you let Him. Don’t look at what is not
working, sis. Don’t let the enemy shift your focus! Any way you cut it, if you
would literally ‘count your blessings’, you
will not be able to deny God’s faithfulness in your life; you will not be able
to deny that the Light has shined for you in both your day and night, year in
and year out. He is the same God today as always, sis. Trust Him! Lean on Him! Allow
Him help you through the difficulty of this season, as you look up to Him and
trust that all things are working out for your good. The Lord will help you sis, even
as He is surely helping me!

Be blessed….. for you surely are!


  • My word. Just because something is simple, doesn't mean that it is easy. You have a gift for simplicity in your writing. A way of breaking things down, so that His wisdom shines through. This post got me 'right there'. I railed and railed about why I had to give up my life in london and come back to Nigeria, but i see now, that perhaps this time is a time of preparation, foundations being laid for my life's assignment. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  • Anonymous says:

    Momma J
    Beautiful and well worth the wait! Principles…life is about the journey. Glad we are traveling T O G E T H E R. Thank you for your obedience xoxoxo

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