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Your voice counts!

By April 17th, 2012Uncategorized8 min read

This would
be the fourth article I have started writing over the past two days. Somehow,
something new would come to mind as being the most important thing that I need
to share with you but halfway through, I would become somewhat restless in my
writing and then stop altogether. During my quiet time this morning however, I
was reminded of two experiences I have had this year and what ministered to me
was ‘You have a Voice’. I wrote this down and honestly didn’t think about it
for the rest of the day. A little while ago, I again abandoned the third
attempted article halfway through, because I knew deep inside that what I was
writing was not the God-ordained message for the day. As I sat looking at my
computer screen and trying to figure what it is the Lord wanted me to pen, my
phone beeped. Reading through the email that just came in, I knew this was a
definite confirmation that what God spoke to my spirit this morning was a Word
that is meant for someone out there. It is meant for you…… or for you to
share with someone in your space.
message to you is that ‘You have a voice! And, it counts!

Let me
start at the beginning. A few weeks ago, I attended a Girlfriends Night Out
organized by
TW Magazine (a Christian women’s lifestyle publication that I write
for). I really wasn’t in the mood that day, but I had promised the editor who
is a friend that I would be there. I was more reluctant because my ‘girls’ were
not available to attend with me. But, I just had a sense that I needed to be
there – albeit briefly, and so with Hubby’s blessing off I went. I walked in
and sat at the first available seat I came across (right by the doors and
convenient for my planned quick exit, lol). I smiled, said hello and introduced
myself to the ladies seated with me on the couch. I don’t quite recall how it
came about, but the lovely lady beside me who I had been chatting rather
amiably with, suddenly asked if I was the one who wrote my column in
TW Mag. I smiled and said yes, I was. Over
the course of the next few minutes, she shared with me how her sister loved to
read my column and was blessed by my articles. She told how her sister often
said that it was like I lived in her house and my articles often spoke right to
the heart of a situation she was dealing with or had faced in her own life.
Wow! Because I know she is reading this blog, I want to say ‘Thank You Ndidi.
You will never truly appreciate how much it means to me that you chose to share
this testimonial with me’. We had a few good laughs as she insisted on taking
my picture to send to her sister to convince her that she was actually seated
right beside me. Yep! This sister truly honoured me and I so love her for that.
The message to me was unambiguous – that my certainly voice mattered to someone

in the year and during my time in South Africa, I met a wonderful set of women
many of whom just stood out for me in their own rights. I recall that one
evening, my sista Bidemi and I were sharing about our blogs, and one of my
South African sisters in particular had said that she always wanted to write
but she was not sure she really had anything to say, or if she really had what
it takes, or if what she would write would be of any relevance. I had
encouraged her to just go with it and trust God (who put the desire in her
heart in the first place) to guide and direct the words and counsel that would
flow through from her. She was emboldened enough to commit to writing something
and sending to me to review, and I in turn committed to helping her make her
dream a reality. Girl, I was so proud of the article this sister sent. Turns out
she is a natural writer and she is clearly Spirit-led. As the email of her most
recent post came in this evening and as I again marvelled at her penmanship, my
mandate for this particular blog became clear. Bongiwe has found her voice and
she has given it expression in her writing. What are you waiting for sis?

I think
about the parable of the talents. It is interesting to me that the master gave responsibilities to each of his servants. I believe this is representative of the fact that God
has given each of us particular gifts and abilities. We – you and I, each
received an impartation of His Spirit. His Word tells us clearly that in Christ
Jesus we can do all things and indeed, we are able to do greater works than He
did in His time here on earth. God created man to have dominion on the earth
and being a perfecter of all things, no doubt He imparted unto each of us what
it is that we need to have dominion that here on earth. The challenge as I see it
is that all too often, because we tend to put God in a box, we put ourselves in
an even smaller box. We have no idea of our power, or we are too afraid to find
out. We are running scared so much of the time of the rejection of men, when we
already have the assurance of acceptance in Christ.

The same
God Who spoke all of creation into being, has also given us the ability to
speak into our purpose and into the manifestation of purpose in the lives of
all His other children here on earth. If this is the case, why are you hesitant
about using your voice sis? Or why are you not giving your voice full
expression? Truth is that you never know who your words will minister to; whose
life you will improve or radically change; whose destiny you will release just
by letting them ‘hear’ you. Yes, there are some great writers and public
speakers out there whose depth and expertise will, if you allow, cowl you into
thinking you won’t be good enough. Pls don’t buy into the lie of the devil and don’t
allow any one near you to do so either.

Today, I
am sent to encourage you to go to God in prayer and ask Him to help you. In the
simplest of words that the Holy Spirit will minister to you, your voice will
count and you will surely make a difference. Pick up that pen; that voice
recorder; set out to typing on that laptop; accept that opportunity to speak to
a group. Commit in one way or the other to speaking up and speaking out. Someone
in the world needs to ‘hear’ you….. even if you never get to know that they
did. Whatsoever is just, whatsoever is true, whatsoever is loving, whatsoever
is of good report, whatsoever adds value, whatsoever builds up and edifies, whatsoever
propagates the gospel, whatsoever gives all glory to God……. think on these
things and then speak! You have an awesome voice sis. And it does count. Use it!   The Lord will help you. He it is that will
direct your voice to the point of its impact. Please don’t limit His call upon
your life today. Speak sis! The World is waiting to hear YOU!

Be blessed………….
for you surely are!

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  • The DNW says:

    You can say that again Sis! Each and everyone of us has got a voice, given to us by God. We must let it speak. We must refuse to let the devil use circumstances to mute it.

    You just never know, THAT word from you might be the ONLY word for someone. If you do not speak it out, who will? If you do not venture into that business, who will?

    I am always amazed out how you can talk about a thing thinking 'doesnt everybody know this already, why bother?' and then someone comes back to tell you THAT word spoke to them! Like I say to myself often 'forget about yourself and let God be God in yourlife' Speak! Act! Do!

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